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Biology, Economics, Computing or French

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    I'm not really sure what I want to do after A level yet but I've sort of narrowed it down to Physics, EE, ChE, or Materials Sci. (OK its not that narrowed down)

    I've worked out that if I take:

    Further Math

    That I should be covered for any of those 4 courses but I still I have another subject to pick and the choices I have are:


    I would be happy enough to take any of those subjects but I was wondering if anyone could advise me if any of those 4 would jump out as being really useful for any of the courses I meantioned above?

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    Computing or bio
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    The four subjects you chose might end up being quite demanding. I find it odd that your college requires five subjects at AS. I thought that four was the norm and an additional fifth could be done upon request.

    In terms of use for your course, I can imagine that knowing some biology would be useful. As would French, in case you want to do a "with a year in Europe/France" variant of your degree. Universities offering that option seem to require a good grade at AS-Level on the relevant language.
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    At my school maths and further maths are only counted as one AS subject because you do all of AS and A2 maths in 1 year and then do the remaining modules for further maths in your second year.

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    Nevertheless, it's still more work!

    Don't worry too much about it. The entry requirements for the degrees you mentioned above are usually fulfilled by mathematics, physics and chemistry alone! So, pick whatever fifth subject you think you would enjoy most. As I said, I'd prefer to study a language as it would be useful to study/live in Europe *and* it will serve as a nice break from the other subjects. Figure out what you'd like. No one can choose for you.

    I love the time I spend learning bits and pieces of history to complement the study of my French literature texts. That's not to say that I don't like mathematics and physics! :-) :-)
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