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Homework Help: Biomechanics problem. Have no idea

  1. Mar 29, 2015 #1
    humerus.png 8.png
    Shoulder abduction = 15°
    Abduction acceleration = 50/rad/s/s
    Abduction velocity = 20 rad/s
    Radius of gyration and COM location from joint = 25cm
    Mass of hand + Arm = 8 kg
    Force of middle deltoid =400N
    Middle deltoid only active muscle
    Force of theraband = 70N
    Middle deltoid insertion = 15°

    The question is: solve for joint reaction force compression on the bone.
    Also draw an appropriate free body diagram for this problem
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    Please help !! thanks
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    You need to show some attempt. Start with a free body diagram.
    Also, most readers on this forum won't know all these technical anatomy terms. An abstract force diagram will help us.
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