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No Idea Records is an American independent record label based in Gainesville, Florida which focuses on punk rock and its sub-styles and produces both vinyl records and compact discs. The label also organizes The Fest, an independently operated annual festival known for featuring over 250 punk, pop punk, country, heavy metal, indie rock, avant-garde and other musical acts across many venues for 3 days in Gainesville each fall.No Idea Records started not as a record label, but as a zine in 1985, published independently by Var Thelin and Ken Coffelt and some friends of theirs from high school. By the seventh issue in 1989, Var was running the zine with Sarah Dyer and other contributors and collaborators. Starting with the sixth edition, the No Idea zine included 7-inch records with each issue. The first featured a local Gainesville band called Doldrums, and the second was a split 7", one side of which belonged to later Bay Area legends Crimpshrine, a major influence on the musical style which dominates No Idea to the present.
Since its beginnings, No Idea has remained a foundation of the Gainesville punk scene and is considered by many to have spawned its very own style of punk, sometimes half-jokingly referred to as "beard punk" or "beardcore" due to the large proportion of members in bands having beards, or more commonly as variations of emo, post-hardcore and pop punk. The label has also worked with grindcore and metalcore bands like Left for Dead, Acrid, Bombs of Death, Crucible and The Swarm aka Knee Deep in the Dead.

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  1. LenaWenaKena

    I'm interested in physics but have no idea what path to take (14 years old)

    How did you find PF?: Google Search I'm new to this forum and I am currently 14 years old. I've recently taken an interest in physics(Due to popular science/ books and natural curiosity). But I have no idea what path to take so I could study it. I come from a poor and quite unsupportive family...
  2. Anmol Dubey

    Calculating final rotational speed from angular velocity

    I have no idea how to go about this. Any help would be appreciated thanks :) Edit: I converted the 1.5 rev/s to rad/s = 9.4 rad/s
  3. docnet

    When you have no idea how to work out a problem

    Homework Statement:: evaluate ##y=\frac{sin{x}}{\text{n}}## at ##n=3## and ##x=3## Relevant Equations:: ##y=\frac{sin{x}}{\text{n}}## ##y=\frac{sinx}{n}## ##y=\frac{si\cancel{n}x}{\cancel{n}}## ##y=six## ##y=6##
  4. Nick tringali

    I have no idea why this is an enantiomer

    I literally cannot conceptualize why this is an enantiomer. They are literally the exact same thing.
  5. Monoxdifly

    MHB [ASK] Seemingly Simple Limit Question but I have no Idea

    If f(a) = 2, f'(a) = 1, g(a) = –1, and g'(a) = 2, the value of \lim_{x\to a}\frac{g(x)\cdot f(a)-g(a)\cdot f(x)}{x-a} is ... A. 1 B. 3 C. 5 D. 7 E. 9 \lim_{x\to a}\frac{g(x)\cdot f(a)-g(a)\cdot f(x)}{x-a}=\lim_{x\to a}\frac{2g(x)+f(x)}{x-a}. How to determine the f(x) and g(x)? And when to use...
  6. mcastillo356

    Gardener pushing a wheelbarrow

    It's the first exercise of the exam I've had today. d) No images found. As the level required is lowly (access to university) I've drawn the forklift like a free-body diagram, with three vectors: normal, weight, and forty degrees upwards force... does it make sense? a) w=mg=802 N...
  7. F

    MHB Proof by induction? No Idea what I should do :(

    find the general rule and prove by induction 1 = 1 1 - 4 = -(1 + 2) 1 - 4 + 9 = 1 + 2 + 3 1 - 4 + 9 -16 = -(1 + 2 + 3 + 4) I created this so far, but don't know if I am even going the correct direction
  8. D

    MHB IHave no idea how to solve any os these.

    It is intended to collect samples from a Normal population with a standard deviation of 9. For a confidence level of 80%, determine the amplitude of the confidence interval for the population average in the case of a sample of size 81. Pick one:a. 1,28 b. 1,92 c. 1,44 d. 2,30 2) A sample of...
  9. E

    Other Dropout, No idea where to start

    For starters, I'm 20 years old and live in the USA. I dropped out of school to work in the family business in a very small town of roughly 300 people, I have had no formal education since the first half of 8th grade when I was about 13. I would call myself a high school dropout, but it's more...
  10. S

    MHB Need help with velocity problem that I have no idea how to do

    The velocity of an object is given by the following function defined on a specific interval. Approximate the displacement of the object on the interval by subdiving the interval into the indicated number of subintervals. Use the left endpoint of each subinterval to compute the height of the...
  11. TheQuietOne

    I have no idea who to sell my ideas to

    I have looked before, but all I get are a bunch of ads from visited websites. what is the best ( and most reliable) company to sell my ideas to?
  12. C

    No idea -- algebraic manipulation involving powers

    Homework Statement If x=2+2^1/2+2^2/3. Then x^3-6x^2+6x=? Homework Equations (A+b+c)^2=a^2+b^2+c^2+2(ab+bc+ca+) The Attempt at a Solution x^2= 6+3(2^2/3)+2^4/3+4(2^1/3)[/B]
  13. P

    How do I get a business 800 number? no idea where to look

    I m hoping someone on here has small biz and knows about the best 800 number or 866 or whatever it is now. I thought landlines were extinct now? so if they are, who sells 800 numbers and how do you get one? i want one that I can just route to my phone, receive and make calls with it, but I don't...
  14. J

    Z = xy, dz/dx = delta z/ delta x, no idea why

    Homework Statement Ok this isn't really homework just something I came across and am confused by. I came across a function that looks similar to z = xy and I found that delta_z / delta_x = dz/dx which is really weird to me. This was really strange to me so I checked to see if z = x²y would...
  15. J

    How Do Capacitors Behave in a DC Circuit?

    Homework Statement A 12V DC supply is connected in series to 2 capacitors, of 12 and 4 micro farads. A switch is in series also. The diagram shows the capacitors above the supply and the larger capacitance capacitor to the left. The names of the plates of the capacitors from left to right are...
  16. physicsquestion

    Planet density -- no idea what to do

    Homework Statement [/B] Consider a spherical planet of uniform density ρ. The distance from the planet's center to its surface (i.e., the planet's radius) is Rp. An object is located a distance Rfrom the center of the planet, where R<Rp. (The object is located inside of the planet.) Find a...
  17. 4

    Biomechanics problem. Have no idea

    Shoulder abduction = 15° Abduction acceleration = 50/rad/s/s Abduction velocity = 20 rad/s Radius of gyration and COM location from joint = 25cm Mass of hand + Arm = 8 kg Force of middle deltoid =400N Middle deltoid only active muscle Force of theraband = 70N Middle deltoid insertion = 15° Φ=90...
  18. F

    No idea how to word this. Finding the gradient with vector?

    Homework Statement I need to find Λ using the equation below (I think). Homework Equations A [/B]+ ∇Λ = 0 where A(x,y,z,t) = B\begin{pmatrix} x+y\\ x-y\\ 0 \end{pmatrix} The Attempt at a Solution Is this at all possible?
  19. K

    Exam question that I have no idea how to solve (regarding forces and mass)

    1. The problem statement Peter threw 10 (same) coins into an empty container (a tube/drum), which was floating in A LIQUID. The diameter of the container was 2,257 cm, and so because the container is a tube the surface of the tube was equal to π times the diameter squared. He measured, after 4...
  20. R

    3 variable process controls - I have no idea

    Brand spanking new to the forum. Registered just to ask this question... We have a machine at work that has the following parameters: tempurature pressure time This machine machine processes a prodcut that has two properties: quantity stiffnes shade (Not really sure if the shade...
  21. E

    How Does the Casimir Effect Utilize the Euler-Maclaurin Formula?

    Hello, I am attempting to repeat the math found on page 4 of this paper using the Euler-maclaurin summation formula. How would I incorporate the conversion factor because I can not figure it out for the life in me! Thank you! http://www.hep.caltech.edu/~phys199/lectures/lect5_6_cas.pdf
  22. L

    No idea - solve log_a(x) defined only for 0<a<1 and a>1

    No idea -- solve log_a(x) defined only for 0<a<1 and a>1 Homework Statement Describe how to solve log_a(x) defined only for 0<a<1 and a>1
  23. Z

    Can anyone help me? I have no idea .

    Can anyone help me? I have no idea... I have no idea how to approach this; so figured it was worth a shot asking you guys! Cheers! Using the Principle of Superposition, fi nd the general solution of the diff erential equation: dx/dt = (1/2)x+4 ; subject to the initial condition...
  24. G

    MATLAB No idea where to start with this question (very new to matlab):

    Write a Matlab function mycirc(c,r) that will plot the circle whose center is at c[x0,y0] and whose radius is r. Then plot 100 random circles with c,r chosen randomly from the interval 0 to 1.
  25. L

    Integral of 1/(sqrt(x^2 *ln(x)) from e to e^2 No idea.

    Integral of 1/(sqrt(x^2 *ln(x)) from e to e^2... No idea. :( 1. ∫e to e^2 of (1/(√x2ln(x)))dx 2. So confused! :( Okay... So I tried something! ∫e to e^2 of [-2/3(x2*ln(x))-3/2 * 1/(x + 2xln(x))] |e to e^2 I got the 1/(x+2xln(x)) because I was trying to think of some way to...
  26. P

    No idea what the textbook is doing

    I mean, I used a similar method as they're using, but I didn't get their answer at all. Where did the x-4 come from? (I used x-6), also, I got d = (6-x)tan50 and d = xtan(3) solving this to get x = 4.04
  27. J

    I have no idea what 'Normalize'/'Normalization' means Help please?

    Just started a Quantum Computing course, and I'm getting continuously confused and lost in the class. I don't think the class is "out of my league" as I've been able to ace every physics class I've taken so far, so I don't want to drop the class. That said, I'm getting confused at the most...
  28. B

    No idea how to compute this limit

    Homework Statement \lim_{x→-∞}xe^{x} Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution L'Hopital's rule maybe? I solved a lot of problems today, just no idea how to get past this one. Any hints? BiP
  29. C

    Uncovering Projectile Motion Properties

    A projectile, fired with unknown initial velocity, lands 19.8 s later on the side of a hill, 2710 m away horizontally and 463 m vertically above its starting point. (Ignore any effects due to air resistance.) (a) What is the vertical component of its initial velocity? (b) What is the...
  30. C

    Solving 2D Motion Problems: Where to Start?

    A cannon barrel is elevated at an angle of 45°. It fires a ball with a speed of 283 m/s. (For the following questions, ignore air resistance.) (a) What height does the ball reach? (b) How long is the ball in the air? (c) What is the horizontal range of the cannon? Known 2D...
  31. C

    How Do You Calculate Initial Velocity and Launch Angle in Projectile Motion?

    1. A ball launched from ground level lands 2.5 s later on a level field 30 m away from the launch point. Find the magnitude of the initial velocity vector and the angle it is above the horizontal. (Ignore any effects due to air resistance.) 2. Known Kinematic Equations 3. I don't...
  32. 1

    Point charges on equilateral triangle no idea what's wrong.

    Homework Statement These are really frustrating because they seem so simple, I work them all out without a hitch only to find that I'm wrong half the time and left wondering why. In fig 21-26a, particles 1 and 2 have charge 20 microcoulombs each and are held at separation distance d = 1.5...
  33. P

    Schools Graduate School Prospects - I have no idea

    Hello all, I, like so many others here, am planning on attending graduate school in the near future (in my case, I graduate next year). I'd like some advice that isn't just what I want to hear, so I figured the internet would be just the place! OVERVIEW: I want to know what "tier" (for...
  34. A

    No Idea how to work this out - Charging and discharging an iPod

    No Idea how to work this out! -- Charging and discharging an iPod Homework Statement It takes about 5 hours for a fully charged ipod nano to run out of power when its screen is left on and all other functions are switched off. Subsequently, it takes about 90 minutes to recharge the ipod...
  35. C

    Basic Differential Equations Problem (I Have No Idea What I Am Doing)

    Homework Statement Denote by L(t) the length of a fish at time t, and assume that the fish grows according to: dL/dt = k(34-L(t)) with L(0) = 2 a) solve the above equation b)Use your solution in part a to determine k under the assumption that L(4) = 10. c) Find the length of the fish...
  36. A

    No idea how to find applied forced based on kinetic friction and acceleration.

    Homework Statement A 10.0kg box is accelerated from rest to 4.00 m/s in 1.00s. The force of kinetic friction on the box is 5.00N. A) What is the size of the applied force? B)What is the coefficient of sliding friction? Homework Equations The five kinematic equations? μ = Ff/Fn Fn=...
  37. M

    Solving Question 14: I HAVE NO IDEA WHY MY ANSWER IS WRONG!

    Homework Statement http://www.xtremepapers.com/CIE/International%20A%20And%20AS%20Level/9702%20-%20Physics/9702_w10_qp_12.pdf question 14 Homework Equations mgh=gpE fxd=workdone The Attempt at a Solution I HAVE NO IDEA WHY MY ANSWER IS WRONG! AND THIS IS GETTING ME so...
  38. 1

    Induction and Recursion I have NO idea

    I think I'm pretty good at standard induction. Never had a problem. Induction and recursion is mercilessly whooping my ***. Homework Statement Let a1 = 1. For each natural number n > 1, let an = 3an-1 - 1. Prove that for each natural number n, an = 1/2(3n-1 + 1) Homework...
  39. V

    Error on mathlab, and I have no idea how to correct it, me out

    error on mathlab, and I have no idea how to correct it, please help me out :( Hello guys, I was using a class assignment using matlab, and the code is provided by the professor. All we need to do is use plug the function in and run it. But for some reason, I got this error: ? Error using ==>...
  40. Saitama

    (Complex number) I have no idea on this

    (Complex number) I have no idea on this :( Homework Statement If z lies on circle |z|=2, then show that \left\lvert \frac{1}{z^4-4z^2+3} \right\rvert ≤ \frac{1}{3} Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Please somebody give me an idea...
  41. V

    No idea to do this differential equation queation.

    Homework Statement x2y1+xyy1-6y2=0 find solution for this differential equation. y1 mean dy/dx How to do this question. I have no idea.
  42. J

    No idea where to start for linear transformation question from P2->P2

    Let T:P2\rightarrowP2 be given by T(x-1)=1-x T(x2-2x)=-1+x-2x2 T(3-x2)=-1+2x+3x2 Find the matrix for T with respect to the standard basis B={1,x,x2}for P2 To be honest, I have no idea where to start. Help would be greatly appreciated
  43. K

    Why Does the Water Bend Towards the Comb and Not Away?

    Homework Statement 1. A frictionless slope has a hypotenuse of 2.0m and a height of 1.0m. A box of mass 40kg is pushed up along the hypotenuse with a force of 250N. Since work done is defined as the product of the force and the distance moved by the object in the direction of the force, we...
  44. R

    How Much Does It Cost to Use a Hair Dryer for a Year?

    Make an order-of-magnitude estimate of the cost of one person’s routine use of a hair dryer for 1 yr. If you do not use a blow dryer yourself, observe or interview someone who does. State the quantities you estimate and their values.
  45. Saladsamurai

    Fortran FORTRAN: I have no idea what is happening

    I am freaking out man :smile: I have this program and in it I have the variable nPT declared as Integer. Somehow, after nPT is passed to subroutine, its value changes to a very large negative integer value. I cannot make sense of it. In the subroutine pasted at the bottom, the value of N (which...
  46. K

    No idea if I should take Physics?

    I am in grade 12 and have gotten admission at a good university. I have registered in the "general sciences" with an undeclared major. Now I'm picking my classes. My trouble is I don't know what I'm doing. I love Physics so I want to take this course called "Newtonian Mechanics and Relativity"...
  47. C

    No idea of how to really start this question

    The average rate at which energy is conducted outward through the ground surface in a certain region is 63.7 mW/m2, and the average thermal conductivity of the near-surface rocks is 3.96 W/m·K. Assuming a surface temperature of 8.70°C, find the temperature (in Celsius) at a depth of 35.0 km...
  48. A

    Schools I Have No Idea What I Want To Study In College.

    Hello, I'm 16 in the 10th grade honors section, and I don't really know what I want to do in life. I'm fascinated by physics and mathematics I'm also really good at both and I think it would be cool to study either pure math or theoretical physics but I'm concerned about the lack of job...
  49. A

    No idea on how to start finding inverse Laplace Transform

    So my professor is really bad and I've had to try to learn to learn this stuff myself. But I have no idea where to start and where to go. Problem: X(s) = \frac{3(3s+2)}{9s^{2}+12s+4}Attempt All I've been able to figure out so far is: -> X(s) = \frac{3}{(3s+2)^{2}} * \frac{1}{(3s+2)}} But...
  50. D

    No idea on how to do this problem

    Q: In the rectangle in the drawing, a charge is to be placed at the empty corner to make the net force on the charge at corner A point along the vertical direction. What charge (magnitude and algebraic sign) must be placed at the empty corner? The picture shows a normal rectangle. The upper...