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Black hole can regard as most efficency mass-energy convecter?

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    Black hole can regard as most efficency mass-energy converter?

    With blackhole and hawking radiation's help, i come up with an idea to convert my apple completely into pure energy without another antimatter apple:biggrin:

    I throw my apple into a blackhole , eventually my apple will convert into hawking radiation—pure energy(particle and antiparticle will annihilate each other into photons).

    The net result is my apple completely convert into pure energy!:tongue2:
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    The energy you get out of Hawking radiation is hardly 'pure' since it's pretty much as useless energy as you can find. For example, a human can easily use a fraction of the energy stored in an apple by eating it, but there's absolutely no way to build a machine which could utilize ANY energy stored in extremely cold thermal radiation.
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    And the correct word is "convert", not "convect".
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