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Black Hole & Quantum Entanglement Experiment

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    In my thought experiment (it seems that others have asked a similar question, but I have a more specific question in my list below), we have a physicist outside the event horizon of a black hole. He has many entangled particles and sends some into the black hole.

    Is / Could there be some series or quantum entangled structure that would allow us to infer properties of the black hole, by what happens to the states of the entangled particles outside the event horizon?

    For example, an entangled particle inside the black hole collides with an energetic photon (as an example), causing the entangled particle’s spin to change or to decay? What happens to the particle outside? Would its spin also change or the particle decay or is entanglement broken at that point? Can we tell when entanglement is broken?

    I’ve read that quantum information may be destroyed once inside the black hole; how certain are we that this is true?

    Could we maintain the entanglement in such a chaotic environment, for any length of time?

    Could we map the black hole in this way, or infer other properties about it?
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    No. You have the same problem that you have if you try to use entanglement for communication between two distant observers. A search of the quantum mechanics forum here will find many good explanations.
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    Just to reaffirm what Nugatory said, the effects of entanglement are statistical and can only be seen when the measurements of both particles are compared. So you can't use them for direct communication.
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