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Black holes and magnetic fields?

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    Hey all,
    Having stumbled across this forum completely by accident I thought I would stay for a while.
    As such I have a question.

    Would a black hole have a magnetic field?
    I would assume that magnetic fields are affected by gravity and therefore any magnetic field would be destroyed when the star collapsed to form the black hole.
    Any thoughts?

    And hello all :)
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    Oh god. The first article says "This simulation process is similar to weather-prediction techniques" EEK.

    If it's as accurate as weather predictions then I'm afraid it's really not telling us much :(

    One question I have about the Big Bang and Black holes.

    If black holes are so massive that light cannot escape. In the Big Bang (virtually infinitely larger than a black hole) how did things expand with the potentially massive gravitational field it would create?
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    first of all the first article lik is poodoo. they make it sound as though once whatever ahs passed through the schwarzchild radius huge beams of energy go splirting out zillions of miles. nothing escapes the schwarzchild radius- except me
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