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B Black holes cause neutron fusion in neutron stars

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    I read an article today stating that the possible explanation for the near total absence of heavier elements such as gold and uranium in many galaxies may be due to those galaxies not forming around a central black hole that has in absorbing one or more neutron stars causing fusion of neutrons in the accretion disk of the absorption. I have read elsewhere on this site that neutron fusion is not possible. These statements neglected to examine the extreme pressures and temperatures due to the absorption of the neutron star by an internal black holes gravity. The article also went on to state that observations of our galactic center shows support for this theory as our galaxy is rich in heavy elements and the central black hole is lacking any nearby neutron stars as they have been consumed in the past. Not being a particle physics guru I was hoping for a description of what takes place in a neutron fusion situation to produce these heavy elements.
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    Do you happen to have a link to the article?
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    Sounds like you may be looking for info on the neutron capture process or "r-process" that occurs in neutron star mergers.


    Also see the following @ 9:45 - 13:00

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