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Homework Help: BLASIUS EQUATION Solutıon with Finite Difference Method

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    1) Using a similarity variable, the boundary layer equations for a two-dimensional, incompressible flow over a flat plate can be written below:


    The boundary conditions are:

    a) f ' (0) = 0, no slip at the wall
    b) f(0)=0, solid wall
    c) f ' (n) goes 1 as n goes infinity boundary layer solution merges into the inviscid solution.

    I) using finite difference method, obtain a numerical solution of this equation. Plot f ' and f as a function n.
    II) The shear stress on the wall requires f " (0) to be determined. From the numerical solution compute f " (0).

    I ve uploaded the original doc file.

    Can you help me with this???

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    You have stated what is clearly a homework problem but shown no work at all. I'm moving this to the "Calculus and Beyond" homework section but you will have to show what you have done yourself.
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    ok my path:


    the replaced y s with f s.

    Then i wrote the finite difference equation.

    Then i took the integral of y' with trapezoid rule..

    i could not go any further
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