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Homework Help: Block move down the curved hill and hit attached block spring

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    A 100grams block is moving at 2m/s down the curved hill. The block slides along the smooth surface and collides elastically with the 400gram block. The 400gram block is initially at rest and is attached to an ideal spring with spring constant of 500N/m
    a)Find the maximum distance the spring compresses
    b)Find the maximum height the 100gram block reaches after the collision.

    I have no idea with this problem........someone help me......
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    Conservation of energy.
    Give that a go - let us know what happens.
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    In order to receive help with this problem I suggest that you

    a) Provide a diagram
    b) Show the work you have tried thus far. Forum rules.
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    dont know for sure but collisions usually go by the equation

    m1u1 + m2u2 = m1v1 +m2v2

    m1 being mass 1 = 0.1kg
    m2 being 0.4 kg

    u1 being =2 m/s
    u2 = 0 m/s as its stationary

    then work out the momentum of the second block as this would be equal to the force on the spring which would follow the equation

    F = kx

    where k is 500 N/m and thus u have the distance x

    and then its pray someone with more brains than me gives u an answer otherwise ul b stuck on it all night long...lol...sorry mate
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    how to post diagram????????
  7. May 2, 2008 #6
    Scanner, photograph, MS Paint. Free account at Photobucket.com will host images.
    I know it's a little work.... but it will get your question answered much quicker.
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