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Medical Blood pressure drops and mental capacity is increased

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    I think its time we seriously educated people about food.

    Its now been proven again and again that natural fats and carbohydrates are not the problem with obesity and weight issues. It is the consumption of man made versions of these products. Just by cutting out foods that contain processed grains, flours, sugars and man made cooking oils and replacing the energy needs with natural fats and carbs one will experience great increase in energy and loss in weight. It is the same reason why the atkins diet works - and its variations - because essentially when you look at its basics, it involves cutting out man made products. There are cases of people going on higher fat diets and cutting out man made carbohydrates where in general weight is lost, blood pressure drops and mental capacity is increased.

    Time we stop thinking of fat as the enemy as its what allowed us to develop to where we are now, its what we evolved eating, and relised that fat free is not necerssarily a good thing, more important is it should be sugar free.

    Sugar and Flour are evil as we have not evolved to consume these foods in out diet.

    We need to sort this out now and stop the trends

    what do others think
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    Re: Food

    Your claims are without verification. Atkins is not a healthy diet.

    Please post peer reviewed scientific research to back your claims before you post again.
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    Re: Food

    What exactly is a man made fat?
    You mean where the molecule was made from individual carbon atoms in a lab?
    Is it OK if these are natural carbon atoms from oil (and ultimately from CNO burning stars) or is it only man made if these protons and neutrons were made in an accelrator?

    So what's a non-processed grain? One that isn't ground into flour? In which case whats a non man-made flour.

    No the atkins diet works (for certain values of works) because you prevent the body absorbing nutrients by denying it the fats it needs to metabolyse proteins.

    Although anecdotally the reason Atkins works is that people eat much less because they can't face eating the boring stuff on the diet - the same way most fad diets work.

    Dieting is simple:
    On Monday Wednesday Friday - eat less and exercise more
    On Tuesday Thursday Saturday - exercise more and eat less
    On sunday - do whatever the latest diet/exercise fad tells you to do
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    Re: Food

    How is this anything but proselytizing one point of view, which has not been verified? I saw a speech with an invitation to comment at the end, not a question.
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