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Medical How is fat metabolized and related to insulin?

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    I'm what you would, in the bodybuilding world, call a hardgainer. No matter what I do I can't gain weight. I used to eat lots of carbs on a 4000 Calorie diet and nothing happened as far as weight gain. I would just get frequent urination and a fruitish odor in the back of my mouth and would occasionally go through periods of fatigue and tiredness directly after a meal, even if it wasn't loaded with carbs. This lead me to believe i might have type II diabetes. So, I bought blood a sugar monitor, and my blood sugar is always normal. Even after very high sugar meal, it was only 155 mg/dl, and went down to normal levels after about 2 hrs. Which lead me to that believe that maybe I have frequent urination because my body cannot produce enough enyzmes in time and begins to waste it. However, either way I then tried to increase the fat in my diet and still nothing. Now, since my symptoms are so close to that of type 2 diabietes, I'm wondering if my body cannot metabolize the fat due lack of insulin like Carbohydrates. I know that fats are emulsified and broken down and then absorbed into the bloodstream, but then what. I can't seem any info on what exactly happens after this point and how insulin is related to the storage and metabolization of fat in the bloodstream. Can anyone help with this?
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    Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor so this is not a professional diagnosis.

    Fatigue and tiredness after a meal is actually a sign that you are not diabetic at all. When consuming a meal, digestion of food releases sugars into the blood. Because blood sugar levels rise, the pancreas releases of insulin to promote the uptake and storage of these sugars. However, the body often overshoots the amount of insulin needed, so blood sugar levels will drop below the normal levels, leading to what most people call "food coma."

    Also, AFAIK, insulin is not related to the uptake and metabolism of fats.
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    Metabolic acidosis, that fruity smell, can also come from simple dehydration. Always play it safe and visit your doctor with problems like this.
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