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Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD vs. Holographic

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    Which would you buy? What are the pros and cons? Which do you think will come out ahead?
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    I wouldn't buy any of them right now. Why? Because the companies themselves haven't decided which one to push.

    Btw, why did you stick holographic into the list? It isn't a standard it's a technology.
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    for data storage.. blue-ray for now... in the future, holographic.

    for video.. dunno yet.
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    I don't know much about this but from what i'v heard blu-ray sounds amazing. Sony and apple want blu-ray but Hollywood wants HD-DVD.
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    B-DVD has more capacity than HD-DVD, 40% more.
    What is holographic?
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    Holographic is a fancy hollywood theoretical technology that has not emerged from the dark window-less labs yet. I'm personally a blue-ray kind of guy but HD-DVD has already become standard in hollywood. Sony will push blue-ray though. I'm not digging holographic within the next 10 years. Maybe after that.
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    No one has decided on Blu-ray or HD-DVD. Companies keep flip-flopping on the issue.
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    Even the current dual-layer DVD (8.4GB) hasn't been made popular yet, why not we just focus on dual-layer DVD? 8.4GB shall be enough to record a good movie!
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    How exactly is this? Isn't the wavelength of blue light 27% less than red light?
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    HD-DVD can go up to 30GB, blue-ray can pack 50GB per layer on 1 disc, however, blue-ray needs a complete new production line, this will pump up its cost, while HD-DVD can be made on existing DVD line with minimum adjustment.
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    id be interested to know why that is and where excactly that number comes from.
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    google for it, i read it from cnet.com
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    tried, no one gave an explination of why.
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    Blue laser has narrower wavelength, so it can pack more info per squared inch.
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    I am more than aware of this, as you can see from my previous statements. Well, just read my previous statements than you'd understand. Anyone else know where that number comes from?
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    Dual-Layer is definetly made popular... who the hell uses single layer DVDs except for a bunch of white bellied, red necked, cousin ****ing hill billies?
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    BlueRay or HD-DVD

    After going thru lots of reviews this is what i had to say
    http://techtrack.blogspot.com/2005/05/blue-ray-vs-hd-dvd-or-sony-vs-toshiba.html" [Broken]
    Aslo Go thru what http://news.techwhack.com/1252/20050507-tdk-prototype-blu-ray-disc-stores-twice-as-much-data/" [Broken] had to say on this.
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    Just wanted to know if anybody got any GOOD stuff on Holographic storage. I did a project on it in 2004 but all I could find was mid-90s journal articles:frown:

    The tech is super amazing but where's the R&D? Anyone??
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    We shall support HD-DVD or Blue-Ray DVD?
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