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Blue Tooth/Voice Command Recognition

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    I'd like to send, via bluetooth, a small number of commands--perhaps as many as 20 words. I'd like to send the decoded commands along to one of the motorola HC08 or HC11 family of microcontrollers.

    The voice chip needs to be trainable and faily fast. Perhaps 50 msec delay.

    Does anyone know who manufactures bluetooth recievers or speaker independent voice decoders? This arena is new to me.

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    You're going to need computing power probably equivalent to a Pentium 4 to do voice recognition. Why would you couple that to an ancient 8-bit microcontroller?

    - Warren
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    There may be some ASICS or something that help with this kind of limited speech recognition -- I've seen some cell phones with voice recognition for dialing numbers from the phone number list in the phone, for example. The wikipedia.org entry on Speech Recognition is pretty well filled out. Maybe start there, and look into the cell phone application angle to see if there are ASICs available already to give you the limited recognition you are looking for....

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    Thanks berkeman.

    My wife has her cell phone rigged up for word comparison. You program it by associating a spoken name with a phone number in your address book. To get it to dial the number, you say "call" and then the name--and it all fits in a cell phone, of course.

    Thanks for helping me look in to it better. I could take this approch as a last resort.

    BTW, I did already try Wiki. They weren't all that helpful with the nitty-gritty.

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