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Book reccomendations: CP violation, SUSY and Gravity/EM unification?

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    Hi guys,

    I am doing a dissertation on one of these topics and wondered if anyone knows of some good books that may be good to start out from. Especially if the books focus on the particle physics aspects of these topics.

    So any books for CP violation and the imbalance of antimatter to matter in the universe; Supersymmetry; gravity and EM unification which requires "extra dimensions". Entry level texts required. Thanks in advance

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    Vanadium 50

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    A dissertation is usually a PhD thesis, and usually references primary sources. So I am a little unclear on exactly what you mean by "entry level texts".
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    Sorry my mistake for not being more clear. The course is called a dissertation here in the uk and it is part of my masters degree, it will be somewhere between 5000 and 7000 words. I guess by entry level i mean something at a 3rd year/masters physics student level where these concepts are most likely to be met in greater detail. I was looking for something that didnt involve too much specialist mathematics such as group theory although a little bit is fine as i do this course next semester also. I expect my supervisor will know of some good books but i want to get ahead of the game by a couple of weeks. To be honest, any books that cover the topics in great depth will be of use to me as i can just extract the understandable parts.

    I do intend to head into fields that incorporate these topics anyway so any books will also be of use to know of for the future. Thanks again
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