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Books and articles about neuron attributes.

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    I'm looking for information on the different kinds of neurons and their possible interactions.
    I wish to program a model of sizable amount of neurons connected to each other in the various possible ways.

    so, can anyone direct me to a good reading material?
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    There is actually quite a lot of material available on the WEB. There are also *commercial* companies doing what you plan, not just research institutions. For reading material references see for example:
    T. D. Albright, T. M. Jessell, E. R. Kandel, and M. I. Posne. Neural Science:A Century of Progress and
    the Mysteries that Remain. Cell, 100:S1–S55, 2000. URL http://www.vcl.salk.edu/Publications/PDF/Albright_Jessell_Kandel_Posner_Cell_Neuron_2000.pdf [Broken]

    G. Tononi and G. Edelman. Consciousness and complexity. Science, 282:1846–1851, 1998. URL http://ntp.neuroscience.wisc.edu/faculty/fac-art/tononi282.pdf.

    G. Tononi, G. Edelman, and O. Sporns. Complexity and coherency: integrating information in the brain.
    Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2:474–484, 1998. URL http://leitl.org/docs/public_html/striz/striz.org/docs/tononi-complexity.pdf [Broken].

    F. Crick and C. Koch. Towards a neurobiological theory of cosciousness. The Seminars in Neurosciences,
    2:263–275, 1990. URL http://profiles.nlm.nih.gov/SC/B/C/F/D/_/scbcfd.pdf

    F. Crick, C. Koch, G. Kreiman, and I. Fried. Consciousness and neuroscience. Neurosurgery, 55:273–282,
    2004. URL http://www.klab.caltech.edu/refweb/paper/490.pdf [Broken]

    D. J. Chalmers. Neural Correlates of Consciousness: Empirical and Conceptual Questions, chapter What
    is a Neural Correlate of Consciousness? MIT Press, 2002a. URL http://consc.net/papers/ncc2.html.

    I hope these help. More references, to notions such as quantum mechanics of neurons or network approach may be found in the Thinking about Thinking chapter of my e-book which can be found at http://countryofblindfolded.blogspot.com/
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