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Brain Stem - Posterior Anatomy Question

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    Brain Stem -- Posterior Anatomy Question

    On the Brain Stem is the Pons and the back of the Pons connects to The Cerebellum.

    The part that connects the Pons to the Cerebellum Is this The Third Ventricle?

    But if you look at a photo on google it shows a line going up the back of the whole Brain Stem all the way up to the Brain.

    And I think they call this The Aqueduct?
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    Re: Brain Stem -- Posterior Anatomy Question

    I need to ask how I am to ask things how am I to name topic titles?

    If I need help with The Brain Stem I type Brain Stem for the Title so people know what my Topic will be about and if they can help me.

    I am not looking to make people upset but I just do not get it?
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    Re: Brain Stem -- Posterior Anatomy Question

    Hi biferi, I'm afraid I can't answer your specific question, but you may find the tools on this web-site helpful in exploring neuroanatomy. You can look at annotated 3D neuroimaging data: http://headneckbrainspine.com/
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    Re: Brain Stem -- Posterior Anatomy Question

    The cerebellar peduncles are what allow neurons from the cortex and brain stem access to the cerebellum. The third ventricle is "higher up" in the brain, in the median cleft of the thalamus. The fourth ventricle sits "between" the pons and cerebellum. Ventricles don't "connect" anything, they are fluid filled cavities of ventricular system.
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