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Medical Brain tumor linked to depression?

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    A brain tumor was recently experienced. It was on the surface tissue of the brain and was about 3 inches in diameter. Non cancerous. There was no reported brain damage. Everything healed up great. For a good month or two, way of thinking was altared a little. Presently that way of thinking is back to normal. A lot of that way of thinking was depression. Could depression cause such a tumor? Life is really hated at time.
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    Do you mean to say it was you who had the tumor? If so, congratulations on your clean bill of health.

    I very highly doubt that depression could cause such a tumor. If that were the case, we would expect depressed individuals to have a higher incidence of tumors, but no such effect exists (at least, to the best of my knowledge-- but if such a thing did exist, you can bet it would have been found by now and would be big news).

    The question of whether a tumor can cause depression is more legitimate. It's perhaps plausible that such an effect might exist, but of course it would depend on what region of the brain the tumor grew on and how it affected neighboring brain tissue. Broadly speaking, depression could have any number of causes, from neurochemical imbalances to chronic stress to particular kinds of thought patterns, so on the face of it there are a number of ways in which a tumor might be able to contribute to depression.

    Alternatively, it could be that the afflicted person became depressed primarily by attaining knowledge of having the tumor in the first place, rather than by some direct physical/chemical action of the tumor on brain tissue.
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    Thank you! I can't really say that it was depression directly, but as in the book, "As A Man Thinketh", it seems our way of thinking determines the cause and outcome of many events such as that. I figured that since I always thought of the tumor being there wether it was or not, those thoughts caused it to grow. And since my mood was often in a depressed state for reasons other than the tumor, the mood fed those thoughts with whatever they needed to cause the tumor.
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    hi, i have a question about something. Have been suffering from depression for six years( now its over) and just recently had a tumor removed from my inner ear. this was not a brain tumor, but lost hearing to my left ear. Not going into further details, is it remotely possible it has contributed to my depression? My opinion on this is that it has caused some kind of chemical imbalance, because it wasn`t supposed to be there. if i can get some intel on this i would be gratefull

    P.S. what i`m asking is can a tumor (doesn`t matter what type) cause changes in your mood? after six years during my depression my tumor was discovered. After it was removed, my life started to get better and better.
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    i doubt the tumor per se would do it, but inner ear dysfunction caused by the tumor might.

    do a search for something like "vestibular dysfunction depression" or "vestibular dysfunction anxiety"
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