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Brainstorm for cases with technology+...

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    Hello physics forums I am newly started teacher at end highschool level.

    I am looking for ideas for a case which involves a course called technology, where the students learn how to create a product + one of the following four courses: Physics, communication & IT, biotechnology and design.

    It's suposed to be a theoretical report, studying what other people have done. It would be best if the case covers all of the posible options, but with different points of view. The case can be fictional, but the students should be able to relate it to the world they live in now.

    Any ideas or input are much appreciated. If anything is unclear, please comment and I will try to answer.

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    Stephen Tashi

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    Is "case" a technical term used in secondary education or science education? What exactly is a "case"?
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    Wonderful question, as it is translated from my native tongue, I will try and give some examples and explain a bit. Case refers to a problem in society which has been or can be fixed and then that particular solution. Where pointing to a problem which involves solutions from all 4 courses is the dififcult thing. The problem should be reel, but the solutions can be fictional or still on research basis.

    A new way of fixing breast cancer with a new drug delivery system
    A new interactive toy to increase the IQ of children
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