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Bremsstrahlung from different materials

  1. Oct 3, 2012 #1
    I'm curious about the compatibility of a whipple shield and bremsstrahlung prevention(like that provided by paraffin). Until a short time ago, I was under the impression that bremsstrahlung is only generated when a charged particle collides with a metal. This is apparently not the case.

    So under what conditions is bremsstrahlung not generated, so I understand what my whipple shield and particle shielding need to be made of??
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    Bremsstrahlung is generated when charged particles hit any kind of matter.

    Heavy high-Z atoms such as metals, however, will lead to faster deceleration and thus more and harder (higher energy=more difficult to shield) Bremsstrahlung.

    My guess is that your whipple shield and particle shield should be made out of light, low-Z materials such as polymers.
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