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Brian Greene picture book for young people (Icarus)

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    The book's graphic designer Chip Kidd has sample pages.
    The book uses public domain pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope collection.
    By clicking on sample pages at the above link, you get larger versions where you can read the text, giving an idea of what the story is and who might like to read it. Futuristic retelling of Icarus fable.

    The category is juvenile science fiction.
    A fourteen year old genius boy rebels against his father and sneaks out of their spaceship home (using a special warp-drive vehicle he has built himelf) to explore a black hole.

    The book is scheduled to go on sale 2 September 2008.

    This is not a recommendation but rather an advance notice heads-up. We will be hearing about this in the next few weeks because it is by a celebrity author and illustrated with gorgeous HST public domain images. There is some science content.
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    Looks good to me. Anytime you can get the youth interested in science is a bonus to society.
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