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The Young Women (often referred to as Young Women's or Young Woman's) is a youth organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). The purpose of the Young Women organization is to help each young woman "be worthy to make and keep sacred covenants and receive the ordinances of the temple."

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  1. elou

    B Did Thomas Young Misinterpret His Double Slit Experiment Results?

    https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/pdf/10.1098/rstl.1804.0001 is the Bakerian lecture held in 1803 where Young talks of his double slit experiment. It is in fact a single paragraph in a much longer article. His article of 1801, which is often cited as the article in which said experiment is...
  2. J

    I How to improve the accuracy of Young's double slit experiment?

    My teacher asked me to find the separation of a double slit by finding the distance between fringes. I wonder how I can reduce the experiment error. So what can I do?
  3. TR094

    A curious young future physicist

    im TR094, i like physics (particle and nuclear physics to be more specific). im at 8th grade right now (in finland grading system goes 1-9, 7-9 being high school). i get good grades at math and science but am weak to laungage. my dream place to work at is in los alamos national laboratory...
  4. Muu9

    Intro Physics Physics textbook recommendation for young gifted child

    They've gone through calculus (Essential Calculus by Stewart) but haven't had a formal physics class yet (but a lot of pop-physics reading). I recommended Thinking Physics followed by Conceptual Physics by Hewitt, followed by a meaty calc-based book like Krane or YF, but I wonder if an easy...
  5. bigmike94

    Griffiths & University Physics by Young & Freedman

    I apologise if this has been answered before. I am about half way through the mechanics chapters in the classic University Physics I am wondering when I get to the chapters on electromagnetism is it worth reading them if I’m going to be reading Griffiths anyway? Would it be best just to get...
  6. T

    Medical Fecal Swapping between Young & Aging mice Swaps Aging Markers

    Popular (short) version: https://neurosciencenews.com/fecal-transplants-aging-20522/ Research Report: https://microbiomejournal.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s40168-022-01243-wNow if I could only find a much younger doppleganger... Cheers, Tom
  7. H

    A Probabilities of couples of impacts - Bob and Alice and Young experiment

    Let O be where pairs of EPR particles are emitted to Alice on the righr and Bob on the left. the pairs have a constant total energy, a null total momentun and a null total angular momentum. Alice at a distance D on the right of O have a Young double slits device with a screen at D+ L . Bob has...
  8. bigmike94

    Topics in Young & Friedman's University Physics

    I am working through the wonderful book called University physics by Young & Freedman, it’s seems like a thorough introductory textbook. My question is, instead of waiting till the end of the book to branch out into more advanced textbook that focus on mostly one topic for example classical...
  9. F

    Some questions for working Physicists from a curious young Physics student

    What are the majority of days like? Is it always the same everyday or is everyday something brand new? Is there any aspect of this career that you didn’t expect to like that you did? Is there any aspect you didn’t expect to dislike that you did? If you could change one aspect about your job...
  10. L

    A fun, engaging and visual way of showing laminar flow for young kids

    I have been tasked by my fluid dynamics professor to create a 3 minute video showing and explaining laminar flow vs turbulant flow. It must be engaging and explain the concepts simply enough with no math. I will be re-writting this definition below to suite the needs ""Laminar flow occurs...
  11. Hacker Jack

    Are more programmers young or old?

    I asked a question on Reddit about how everyone learned C++ and most of the answers were like "I learned this and that first back in the 60's then I learned C++ in 80's or 90's". I always thought programming/computer science was a young man's because of all the "day in life of software...
  12. M

    Music Is Neil Young just a grumpy old musician?

    Neil Young is a famous musician, no doubt, but I had no idea he's also a firebrand against what he views technology has done to sound quality in the music industry. In a recent Vergecast interview, he holds nothing back - including profanity, in case you're not keen to hear such - as he dumps on...
  13. W

    Teaching Physics to Young People: Challenges & Opportunities

    starting next winter term, I will be voluntarily invovled in a new project teaching basic physics to young people from around the world (e.g. refugees or people wanting to study natural sciences in Europe). Ideally, the students will receive some basic understanding of physics through my course...
  14. R

    I Young physicist in seek of guidance

    Is there anyone on here who could help me fill in my gaps in quantum field theory up to renormalization? I know how to canonically quantize a theory and how to use scalars (spin 0), vectors (spin 1) and spinors (spin 1/2) but lack more advanced knowledge like renormalization which I could...
  15. FallenApple

    Things should be done while young

    If you experience something early, you have memories of it for the rest of your life, which is very long span. If you experience the same experience later, you have less years to hold the memory. So all else being equal, living the good life while young is better than not. Clearly this could...
  16. anorlunda

    What Was Edison's First Experiment with Electricity?

    Today, I'm enjoying a very good book about the young Thomas Alva Edison when he was 10-15 years old. I just came across this fun anecdote that I can't resist sharing. It reminds me of the many threads we get here on PF asking about novel ways to generate electricity. By the way, that...
  17. S

    MHB Kid is good at math; too young for area to consider useful; Any suggestions

    So, I already wrote this as a short story on another website... so I'll link this. https://www.wattpad.com/553041235-short-stories-and-poems-just-after-that-last-proud It's pretty simple. She's little. She's got talent. Knowledge takes time to acquire. Schools in the area don't care till...
  18. J

    B Understanding The Conscious Observer: Young's Double Slit Experiment

    How exactly does the mere act of observing collapse the wave function of, say, photons? I don't quite understand that one. And Richard Feynman's question related to Young's double slit experiment and the fact the electron went through both slits, as well as neither, and just one slit, and just...
  19. C

    MHB Find force with Young's modulus

    Q: Calculate the force (in N) a piano tuner applies to stretch a steel piano wire 8.50 mm, if the wire is originally 0.850 mm in diameter and 1.35 m long. (Young's modulus for steel is 20.0 ✕ 1010 Pa.) Work F=Y*A*change in L/L_0 I have no idea what is L_0 and L_f? Please help me.
  20. M

    A Solving the Young-Laplace Equation for Partial Cylinders in Fluid Mechanics

    Hi PF! I am considering a partial cylinder filled with fluid. By partial I mean consider something like a half-pipe. If a small disturbance is present, the fluid radius on the open side of the cylinder is ##r=R(1+\epsilon f(\theta,z,t))##. The Young-Laplace equation for capillary pressure is...
  21. J

    I Why Aren't Galaxies Formed After the Big Bang Referred to as Being Further Away?

    I’m joining this forum just to see if someone can answer this question in a way that I can understand, because it’s driving me nuts. I read about galaxies observed by the Hubble Space Telescope that were formed “shortly” after the Big Bang. For example, the article may say that they are 12...
  22. N

    B Understanding Decoherence: Exploring Bohr and Einstein's Debates

    Hi, I'm in ninth grade, and I can't really grasp an idea of how decoherence works. Also, does anyone know where I can good information on what was discussed in the debates between Bohr and Einstein. It seems really interesting.
  23. N

    Engineering Is it a Career Mistake to Leave a Good Job for Personal Happiness?

    Hey forum, I'm looking for some career advice for myself and I'll try to keep this short and sweet. To give you some background I graduated with my BS in mech. engineering in May 2015. I was hired into a company's rotational program and started out as a LEAN engineer for about 16 months, then...
  24. P

    Schools Should I read University Physics by Freeman & Young right no

    I just graduated from high school and will begin university physics classes in 2 months. Even though I got decent grades, I feel as though there are still some gaps in my knowledge. I have Calculus by Stewart and University physics. Which one should I start reading and hope to complete in 2...
  25. R

    Physics Can a Young Person With No Degree Change Theoretical Physics? What to Do?

    Why if a young person like 21 years old with no degrer made a new discovery in theoretical physics like an equation or a theory will not be accepted by people and no one will believe him ? What he should do before to let people accept his discovery ? Can it be accepted if that person was not...
  26. R

    Can a young person get a PhD in physics after a good discovery?

    Many physicist have been awarded their Phd in physics after a long time of study or after a good discovery likr einstein when he was 26 and wrote 5 papers on different subjects in physics . Nowadays if a person started his studies in university in physics at age 19 and he has made a good...
  27. D

    Differences in Young Modulus -> Tensile/Compressive tests

    Hello everybody. I've measured the Young Modulus of PDMS samples both in compression and in tension. From compressive tests I get a Modulus twice as big as the one I get from tensile tests. Is it normal to get two different values for Young Modulus using tensile or compressive tests? Do you...
  28. B

    What is the relationship between stiffness and Young Modulus?

    What is the difference between stiffness and Young Modulus and how can you calculate the stiffness?
  29. Y

    Why is length independent of young modulus ?

    If young modulus = stress/strain Wouldn't a different original length affect the value of young modulus ?
  30. liam levi

    Studying What are some recommended physics books for middle school students?

    i'm in middles school and am really interested in physics. I've already read a brief history of time and elementary physics. i am interested if any of you have other book suggestion that would teach me physics. thank you in advance.
  31. M

    Amplitude and Young double slit experiment

    Homework Statement For a question in a worksheet (the actual question is irrelevant), my physics teacher said, in the context of the Young double slit experiment with light, if you make one of the slits smaller, then the amplitude of light from that source will also decrease. Is that true...
  32. wolram

    Why is our beloved food causing us harm?

    It seems from this page we are born to die of some form of cancer, we have been eating meat since the dawn of humanity so why is our food killing us? https://www.sciencenews.org/article/eating-meat-officially-raises-cancer-risk?tgt=nr
  33. O

    To be a great mathematician/physicist, must one start young?

    I know that all great chess/weiqi players start at a young a age. Is this also true for mathematicians and physicist? Could anyone give examples of great mathematicians and physicists who started late in life?
  34. P

    Young gas giants fly close to their suns

    Young gas giants fly close to their suns Hot Jupiters, giant Jupiter-like exoplanets that orbit 20 times closer to their host stars than the Earth does to the Sun, can form and migrate towards their infant stars in as little as a few million years, researchers at the University of St Andrews...
  35. Willelm

    I want to do research, am I young?

    Hi, thanks for your anwsers. I wanted to be successful since I was born. I'm 15 years old and I can't wait. I know Calculus, a bit of Multivariable C., advanced classical mechanics, and a bit of quantum mechanics (all those in mitOCW). I'm not going to lie, I want to solve the P=NP problem. The...
  36. L

    Intro Physics Which book is better for physics: Young or Tipler?

    I'm looking for a university physics book that is comprised of excellent pedagogical exposition and is very comprehensive.I've considered these two candidates: 1. Tipler 2. Young/FreedmanWhat do you suggest?
  37. C

    Intro Physics Alternative physics intro books to Young and Halliday?

    Hi I know eveyone buys Young University physics, and i think it's great for easy problem solving, a bit wordy but quite clear, however I like books that give a bit more insight into the reasoning and mathematical development and/or derivations of the theories, instead of just telling you "this...
  38. O

    Schools Problem sets for Young and Freedman University Physics (Y&F)

    In the last year, I took a few Mooc online and I felt like my Physics was a bit rusty. So, I found myself a copy of Young and Freedman University Physics (13th edition) to do some self-study. The thing is, there is so many problems to do, I think that I’m on chapter 5 since the beginning of May...
  39. T

    Age of universe -- Probability why it is so young?

    I'm a retired geologist ... Know little about cosmology or quantum physics so will defer to others. Please excuse my rambling question. Something has always 'made me wonder' about the potential fate of the Universe. Almost all models predict either an infinite Universe or a Universe that...
  40. B0b-A

    Mystery of Young Yoda Appears in Medieval Manuscript

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/star-wars/11547237/Young-Yoda-turns-up-in-medieval-manuscript.html']http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/03272/yoda2_3272229a.jpg http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/star-wars/11547237/Young-Yoda-turns-up-in-medieval-manuscript.html
  41. W

    Quasi-Monochromatic Light and Young's Double Slit Experiment

    Homework Statement A quasi-monochromatic beam of light illuminates Young's double-slit setup, generating a fringe pattern having 5.6-mm separation between consecutive dark bands. The distance between the place containing the apertures and the plane of observation is 7 m, and the two slits are...
  42. ME_student

    When is the appropriate time to ask a young lady for her #?

    Yesterday I was at school eating lunch... I saw a young lady walk by obviously attractive in appearance because if she wasn't attractive then I wouldn't be looking... I know sounds shallow... (Haha) As I am exiting the cafeteria I saw one of my old classmates (the old classmate studies with a...
  43. R

    Young Double slit experiment condition

    Can @Drakkith , @Doc Al and others help me in this? In YDSE, if s is the size of source slit and S is the distance between source slit and the double slits, Then why condition s/S <= λ/d must be satisfied to observe fringes? Here λ is wavelength of light source and d is the distance between two...
  44. L

    Young's double slit and radio antennas

    Homework Statement antennas can both receive and emit electromagnetic radiation depending on wetter their connecting cicuit is monitored for, or driven by a current. the pattern of emitted radiation is identical to the pattern for absorbed incident radiation. As shown in the notes, far-field...
  45. J

    Exploring the Role of Measurement in the Young Double Slit Experiment

    Hi, My question is the following: As well known, the interference pattern disappears when one determines which slit the photon has gone through. This also holds for atoms and molecules. Now I understand how the actual experiment works for eg. an atom: They send excited atoms that can decay in...
  46. Diego Fernandez

    My Dream is to study Physics, but I have questions

    Ever since I was about 11 years old, my dream has been to pursue a career in any scientific field whatsoever (I practically enjoy learning about all of them!). I ended up being enchanted by the magic of physics at an early age as well, thanks to my childhood heroes such as Carl Sagan, Stephen...
  47. Y

    Halliday Or Feynman Lectures Or Young and Freedman?

    I am aware that all three of them are good ones. But, if one is to be picked, which one would it be? I have basic knowledge of mechanics and a little of thermodynamics. I am looking for a book which will further strengthen my basics.
  48. WineRedPsy

    Getting 'em while they're young, or how do I inspire a kid?

    So, I've got three sisters, and one of them's just starting preschool/six-years-school. She seems to be a rather quick learner (and bright, if that's something you can be at five, six), and when she's paying attention to something the younger one (who's quite creative) usually follows. So...
  49. P

    Different young modulus of rod - Need a proper explanation?

    Homework Statement A rod is made up as shown [pic attached] Both have same cross-sectional area. Ep and En are Young modulus. The rod breaks when total extension = 3.0mm Greatest tensile stress that can be applied before rod breaks? Homework Equations Young modulus = stress / strain The...
  50. R

    Were all galaxies quasars when they were young?

    My understanding is that quasars are galaxies that are billions of light years away. Thus we see them as they were billions of years ago when they were much younger than our own galaxy & other galaxies nearby to us. The immense energy they emit is generated by matter falling into the central...