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Browser on computer causes interferance for low bandwith fm stations

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    I have a computer set up with a KVM switch.
    When using the computer and not opening a browser, IE or Firefox, the radio is fine.
    When I open a browser I get interference on the radio ... Low frequency on the fm bW in the 80 Mhz range. If I open both browsers it completely kills the signal with noise. Upper frequencies past the 90 Mhz range are not effected. I am wondering as a curiousity what is happening and how the opening or use of ports on a computer can do this. Also, for giggles I'd like to know what the fix is for something like this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Does it matter which web site you are visiting?
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    Hi, Thanks for the quick response.
    No it doesn't matter.

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    All I can think is that whenever you are using a browser, there is electrical network activity - whether it's wifi or ethernet - and that's causing the interference.
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    Yes, that makes sense. This didn't happen until the KVM switch was installed. Some how that exacerbated it. Maybe I can somehow shield it. Thank you appreciate the information.
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    its radiation from your video signal or screen I would guess, set up the web page, and unplug your monitor and turn it off.
    The interference will probably go away, the extra wires from the KVM switch is making your video cable a better antenna.
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