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Programs BS Applied Physics to Engineering PhD

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    I'm a Rice University sophomore majoring in Applied Physics. I decided only within the past semester that I don't want to do pure physics my whole life (mainly due to the poor career choices). So I changed to applied physics.

    My question now is if it is possible to go to graduate school in some type of engineering (ideally electrical or environmental). I will take a few electrical engineering courses as an undergrad for applied physics, so I hope that would help.

    Also, given that it is possible, does that mean I will be facing even tougher competition coming from physics rather than engineering? Or will some graduate schools be happy to take some students with a slightly different background?

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    Boston University has a graduate engineering program for students whose undergrad was not in engineering.

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    I don't think it's that big of a deal...you will already have had the math and the physics (and then some) that an engineer major will need, but you will have to probably spend a couple years making up lower level engineering courses. My uncle went from math undergrad to phd EE at MIT.
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    It is common.
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