What is Applied physics: Definition and 141 Discussions

Applied physics is the application of physics to solve scientific or engineering problems. It is usually considered to be a bridge or a connection between physics and engineering.
"Applied" is distinguished from "pure" by a subtle combination of factors, such as the motivation and attitude of researchers and the nature of the relationship to the technology or science that may be affected by the work. Applied physics is rooted in the fundamental truths and basic concepts of the physical sciences, but is concerned with the utilization of scientific principles in practical devices and systems, and in the application of physics in other areas of science.

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  1. danbmurphy

    Physics Going back to grad school after having finished all classes

    I was in graduate school for an Applied Physics PhD program for 3 years, where I got my Master's and took all the required classes for the PhD. I left because I wanted to try my hand at teaching, and I LOVED it. Now I am 34 years old, and I am wondering if there is any possibility of going back...
  2. yucheng

    Engineering What to read for applied physics (engineering, inventions, designs, patents)?

    I am looking books that are similar to many books/magazines that introduce 'inventions, how things work', but what I am interested is the physics and mathematics behind (specifically formulas, measurements, applied physics, patents?) From the course page of an applied electrodynamics course, it...
  3. octopus26

    Engineering Masters programs to work in aerospace/defense as an engineer

    Hello all, I am looking for some career advice. My current situation is that I am graduating with my bachelors in physics and chemistry in December of this year. My goal is to get a masters degree in a field that would enable me to work as an engineer at one of the aerospace/defense contractors...
  4. J

    Schools Applied Physics MS Programs in New England

    I am looking for masters programs in applied physics / engineering physics in ideally New England but also just the northeast of the U.S.. I am trying to create a list of all the universities that offer the degree because it is not particularly common. In New England I only know of Northeastern...
  5. L

    What is the 22 part guide to becoming a physicist?

    This Forum, Physics Forum, was introduced to us by our professor who sent us an email with the link to an article he recommends us to read entitled So You Want to Be a Physicist: A 22 Part Guide! by Greg Bernhardt which was posted on 18 June 2008. Link =...
  6. A

    Best Applied Physics Books: Get Expert Advice & Recommendations

    What are best applied physics books I have downloaded one that doesn't even talk about it Please help
  7. Abdullah Younas

    Finding the magnitude and direction of a boat's motion

    Homework Statement: A boat is traveling upstream in the positive direction of an x axis at 14 km/h with respect to the water of a river. The water is flowing at 9.0 km/h with respect to the ground.What are the (a) magnitude and (b) direction of the boat’s velocity with respect to the ground...
  8. grandpa2390

    Other How should I tailor my Master's in Applied Physics

    so at this point, my interest in going back for a master's degree (my bachelor is in physics), is because I just want to find a job. But this time I want to be smarter about it than I was the first time around. I want to go in with a plan. When I'm working on my Applied Physics degree, I can get...
  9. GeneralKnoxx343

    Engineering Applied Physics, Engineering or something else?

    Howdy! A little background info: I am a soon-to-be high school graduate from an eastern european country (Romania). Since things are not so good as far as higher education is concerned in my country, I am looking into going to study abroad, specifically in Holland. However, I have a very hard...
  10. A

    What books should I read to learn applied physics?

    Summary: What books should I read to learn applied physics? If I want to study applied physics What books should I read ? What are the topics?
  11. V

    Programs Thoughts on Caltechs Applied Physics Graduate Program

    Why is it paired with materials science? I have not been able to find too much about it online apart from their own stuff. How different is it from their pure physics PhD program? It seems that they have a lot of required courses, although you do not need to take them if you have a sufficiently...
  12. N

    Programs Applied Physics or Physics of Materials?

    Hello, My university is offering a couple of programs in Physics: Applied, Astro, Computational, and Material. So far, I liked Material and Applied in terms of getting early job opportunities. What advise do you guys have for me, before I make my mind for any of them? Thank you!
  13. Tone L

    Programs Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Masters (online?)

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone out there in the PF community, themselves or knew someone who is working on a masters degree in Applied Physics, online, from Johns Hopkins. I've never heard of upper level physics classes like the ones listed, being done online. Thoughts?
  14. Cuindless

    I Soft Question: Possible Applications of Rydberg Polarons?

    Hello Everyone, So this article popped up in my feed today: https://www.sciencealert.com/exotic-new-matter-rydberg-polaron-molecule-bose-einstein-condensate It's your usual pop science stuff with an okay rundown of the basic physics behind this discovery, but it links to the study, published...
  15. Shatakshi vishnoi

    Physics Best career after doing M.Sc. in Applied Physics

    I have done M.Sc. in Applied Physics but I do not want to do Ph.d. What are the other options, please suggest me. Thank you.
  16. S

    Physics What Can You Do With An Applied Physics Dregree

    I am applying to universities soon and the one subject that I would like to have in any area of study is physics, if I were to study pure physics than I would specialize in applied physics. I know that there aren't many jobs in specifically research areas which would be a dream job, so what...
  17. S

    Programs Applied Physics specialization: Biophysics vs Quantum

    Hi! I am starting my Master's in Applied Physics at the TU Delft next week and I have yet to decide a research track (i.e. specialization). I have narrowed my options down to bionanoscience and quantum nanoscience. Of these two, which would be better? Of course, 'better' is a vague term, so what...
  18. C

    A question about second cycle studies

    Hello fellow science enthusiasts! I have a question about second cycle studies. I'm in my last year of high school and I wish to study applied physics. However, my choice of university doesn't offer a programme in applied physics. For a first cycle I can pick Physics, Astronomy or Physics Ed...
  19. D

    Programs Applied Physics vs Professional Physics (emphasis)

    In pursuing a BS in Physics, my university offers an Applied emphasis and a Professional emphasis. However the class selection seems to be the same for both. I get this information from an option in my student account that allows me to theoretically change my major to a degree that I'm not yet...
  20. P

    Programs Physics engineering Or Applied Physics? ....theoretical?

    Hey there. I am going to stay the University next year and I want to know what do you think about the three options I have actually. I really like science, and I like to know about the process of the nature, how it is defined by math and by the physical processes. It is my passion I, in the...
  21. D

    Other Biomedical Engineering considering Applied Physics

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on here so idk if I'm under the right forum lol. I am an undergad in BME and WAS on the pre-med track. I always "wanted" to be a doctor just because I didn't really know much about other careers but also A LOT OF FAMILY PRESSURE. I finally decided to...
  22. Angela Ituriaga

    Other BA in Astrophysics -> MS in Applied Physics -> PhD in Applied Physics

    Hello, I am about to attend the University of Hawaii at Hilo as an Astrophysics major. I intend to complete my education through getting my PhD in Applied Physics, but I wanted to know if it was necessary to get a Master's? I would think so because of getting a BA in Astrophysics instead of AP...
  23. Felix Gonzales

    Schools What is best for me, applied physics or pure physics?

    I'm currently finishing up my second year in college and I'm expected to graduate on time (in two years) and I'm majoring in pure physics. I don't really fully understand the difference between applied physics and pure physics because anytime I look into it online there's 10 different answers...
  24. K

    Programs Thoughts on Cornell's Applied and Engineering Physics

    I've been accepted to Cornell Engineering, and am thinking about doing AEP. I really like physics and math and was just wondering what people thought of it. Yeah I know I should ask people at Cornell, but they're just going to tell me that it's awesome and I should do it. I want to get a more...
  25. Work Hard Play Hard

    David Suzuki and Applied Physics vs. Theoretical Physics

    Another thread reminded me of this. Sometime, probably in the 70's Suzuki said something like this, for something to be "real" it has to have a least one piece of retrievable information. One example he gave that I remember was a point in space. I remember this example because of his...
  26. Gigigifgof

    What job opportunities are available for Thai physics graduates in the USA?

    I am Thai and I have my applied physics degree from Thailand but I will be moving to USA and want to know what kind of jobs I can look for? and how employers will think about hiring someone with a degree from Thailand? I will have a green card and will not need to be sponsored by the company.
  27. C

    Programs Applied physics at Rutgers-Newark

    Hey. So I have a dilemma. I applied to the Applied Physics program at Rutgers-Newark. I got accepted, but one of my teachers told me that I applied to the wrong campus. He said they have a terrible program and shouldn't even give them the light of day. I felt so terrible. Then he continued to...
  28. E

    Stair Descent Physics: Share Lecture Illustration

    I am working on some litigation support tasking and need to illustrate, utilizing stick figures and some basic applied physics, to explain the act of walking down a staircase and how a divergent stair riser may affect the stride of a human descending the stairs...I have seen illustrations in...
  29. Mayan Fung

    Programs Find Summer Programs in Applied Physics: Undergraduate Opportunities

    My home university is offering an innovation scholarship which supports students to join summer programs. I am searching for summer programs related to applied physics such as renewable energy or quantum computing. However, many universities only offer summer programs for high school students...
  30. D

    Engineering Physics vs Applied Physics vs Engineering

    Hi everyone, So I'm currently a junior studying physics and I'm beginning to have some doubts if I want to pursue it anymore. I took two years of it in high school and two years (four semesters) in college so far. Loved it, couldn't get enough of it, foaming at the mouth for more. Now I'm in my...
  31. J

    Job Skills Applied Physics BS is good for programming jobs?

    An Applied physics BS in Italy (a lot of C programming, analog and digital electronics with arduino and assembly and digital design) plus as many CS exams as i can (i'm thinking about OOP in Java 8, algorithms analisys and design, database theory and SQL and Multicore programming in Java and...
  32. F

    Programs Physics BS vs. Applied Physics (Computational) BS

    Hi everyone! I'm currently finishing my last year of community college, and I'm looking to transfer to UC Davis next Fall. The school offers a general Physics major, as well as an Applied Physics major with a number of possible concentrations. I'm specifically interested in going to grad...
  33. J

    Applied physics of current probe / generator clamps

    Im studying Maxwell's equations in a part time degree and I starting thinking in job about a particular task we perform... The situation In work we have a power cable and attach two items to it. One current-clamp-loop-generator (ferrite core wound N turns with wire) and one...
  34. A

    Programs A couple of questions about applied physics Ph.Ds

    I hope this isn't too much for one thread, but I have a couple of questions regarding applied physics Ph.D programs. 1. Are there a lot of schools that offer degrees in applied physics, and what are some of them? I've found programs at places like Cornell, Stanford, Harvard, etc. but these are...
  35. Abhirikshma

    Studying Engineering Physics or Physics?

    I have an inclination to be an experimentalist, in which discipline should I do my Bachelors in : Engineering Physics (B.Tech) or Physics (B.Sc) ? Thanks.
  36. brymcfly21

    Programs Applied physics or engineering physics

    I know I see many forums with this question but I still want to know which is the better choice. I am a senior about to graduate and go to University. I originally wanted to do pure physics undergrad and possible go for astrophysics in phd but I realize getting a job in that is very hard. So my...
  37. D

    Engineering Engineering career after MSc applied physics

    I have a MSc in engineering physics / applied physics, but i decided to not continue with a PhD, and instead try out my luck as an engineer in the industry. I'm currently working with structural analysis, but I feel somewhat overqualified for most of the work I do, so I feel like switching to...
  38. D

    Programs Should I major in physics or engineering?

    I'm a high school student, and I am not sure if I want to get a degree in engineering (electrical or aerospace) or physics? I would like to go to graduate school eventually and get a job in industry. My interests: I love everything about space, and I would love to work for a company like SpaceX...
  39. brymcfly21

    Programs Applied Physics Degree: Engineering Physics & Job Market

    Is this basically engineering physics? Is this a good idea for someone who loves the concepts of physics but wants a good chance in the job market? Thank you
  40. Z

    Materials Science or Applied Physics

    Which MSc course below do you think would be better to have upon graduation, in terms of being able to obtain employment in some area of science or research, or perhaps engineering? Both are at the same university. MSc Materials Science. This is an online course (no lectures), though a...
  41. KylieVegas

    Physics Can an applied physics graduate be a theoretical physicist?

    Hello, can an applied physics graduate be able to be a theoretical physicist? Our school only offers applied physics major in instrumentation but they do send students to do interns/ojt (on the job training) to CERN and various universities all over the world. I know applied physics is more...
  42. Willelm

    Engineering What should I study of Aerospace Engineer and applied physics

    [[Moderators note: several similar threads have been merged]] I want to work in the aerospace Industry as someone important and successful, like the administrator of NASA. As I'm 15 years old I'm thinking about my future careers and after a long while, I know that I want to study more than 1...
  43. Willelm

    I want to do research in Applied Physics, what should I do?

    I'm 15 years old and very good at solving hard logic problems. I know a little bit about college mathematics and physics, so I want to write papers. After thinking a lot I think Applied Physics is a relative new area that has a lot opportunities, so I want to do research in it. What should I do...
  44. ClaireBear1596

    Choosing between Theoretical and Applied Physics

    Hi all, I'm going into my third year of university and up until this point I have been studying a little of everything in physics(my degree is a bachelors in Physics), for my third year however we have to select a stream of physics to focus on and I am stuck between Theoretical and Applied...
  45. I

    Applied Physics vs. Computer Engineering

    Hey all, I'm at a bit of a major crossroads between studying Physics or Engineering. There are two major milestones in my life that I want to achieve, or die trying: a) Own and operate a consumer electronics company (definitely computers) and b) If astronaut and space based programs begin...
  46. D

    Can I persue PhD in nuclear physics after studying applied physics

    I am currently studying in msc applied physics ..now from here I want to make my career as j.r.f or r.a. in institute like d.r.d.o , prl ahmedabad. If I clear the exam like ugc net jrf then does it mean that I am equally eligible for certain post as compared to pure physics students in real life...
  47. R

    Graduate options for medical physics.

    To begin, I've had a fairly long college career. I was a wellness science major for 3 years and decided it wasn't challenging enough at my small college. I switched to physics and jammed 4 years of math and physics into 2 years. I have one more year left and then I will be in graduate school...
  48. andrewm94

    Career Options in Applied Physics

    Hello to all of you! This is my first post on this forum, though I have visited this site many times to learn from its wealth of information and insights. A bit about me, I just finished the second year of my undergraduate career and am looking forward to beginning my upper level physics...
  49. Sewen

    What PhD specialization in Applied Physics is right for me?

    i have B.Sc in Physics and Electronics and Master in Electronics and Communication Physics please which area is the best for me to go for my PhD
  50. AdrianHannon

    Engineering Info on weapons engineering and related areas

    Hi, I'm in first year of my physics undergrad degree in NUIGalway and currently (could change as the four years pass) have an interest in doing a masters in Weapons Engineering after the degree is completed. In my course we get the choice of specializing in one of four areas: theoretical...