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Build a machine that could defy gravity

  1. Jan 5, 2010 #1
    Hey, first off I wanna say that I don't have much background with physics (that's the reason I don't know where to put this thread at, because I have no clue of what kind of physics this contains) even though I would love to. But anyways, I was thinking randomly the other day and I was wondering if there was a way to build a machine that could not only defy gravity and atmospheric pressure, but also take you around the world by not moving at all and letting the Earth revolve under you. I would like to hear some responses on some ways I could find information on this topic. I know it is probably insane in many eyes, but it just makes me wonder and I love learning more. Please help in any way and thank you for your help.
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    Welcome to PF.

    The machine you are looking for is a balloon and it has already been used for this purpose. Understand, though, that the atmosphere mostly rotates with the earth, so it takes a lot longer than 24 hours to circumnavigate the globe this way.
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    they do launch geostationary satellites so a spacial satellite is probably possible as well and would avoid the effect of rotating atmosphere, but cost a lot more.

    perhaps a balloon with some sort of propulsion to move in exactly the equal and opposite direction to the atmosphere hence not moving....
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