Stargazing Building a telescope ( from another one )

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    I'm looking to build my first telescope from this one. Using the mirror, etc. Basically i want to put it in a Tube and mount i build myself. I've come across this guide (PDF file). My question is this, is this a suitable guide in doing so? If not what steps should i take to successfully complete this task?
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    I like it. It's consistent with advice from reputable sources.
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    It's OK as a guide but you won't be able to use any of plans directly for measurements of length. Your mirror is an f4, 4.5" 500 mm fl. The guide uses one of the same diameter but with a focal length of 1140 mm (f10 mirror).

    The tube you should build for this mirror from the Bushnell scope will only be around half a meter long.
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