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Homework Help: Buoancy (block floating in water)

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    Im confused by this question:

    A block of wood floats above water with 90% of its volume submerged. Oil with a density of 875kg/m^3 is then poured over the block so that it covers the entire block. Find the fraction of the block now submerged in water.

    I know that the fraction of the block submerged will decrease.
    I started by recognizing that the initial force of buoyancy is equal to the final force of buoyancy

    ρ_w g(0.9)V=ρ_w gxV+ρ_o g(1-x)V

    Where the V and g cancel out, and the x is equal to the portion of the volume submerged in the water and the oil.
    However, when i use this method, x equals 0.9, meaning that the same amount of the block is submerged in the water, when it should be less of the block is submerged in the water.
    Please help!
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    Doc Al

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    x is the fraction of the block submerged in water.
    Please show how you solved for x.
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    ohhhh, what a stupid mistake. I mistakenly factored 0.9 when i should not have. Goes to show what happens when you look at a problem for too long!
    thanks for your help.
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