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Buzzing Noise From Laptop Speakers

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    Hi, whenever i play sound using the laptop speakers i get a buzzing noise which gets louder with louder sounds. It sounds like a motor (but i couldn't hear anything loose rattling about) anyway when i plugged in some speakers the sound was fine and when i took them out the buzzing was still there so i think it's something to do with the laptop speakers but i'm not sure what...

    I read somewhere after googling it might be something to do with the sound card being loose in the slot or something...would that explain it? Even though external speakers worked?

    Any help would be appreciated thanks

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    If it works ok with external speakers and no external amplifier then most likely the internal speakers are defective.
    Could be a warped or partially separated voice coil in the speaker itself.
    In this case if the laptop has stereo speakers the buzz will likely come from just one of the speakers not both.

    If you are using the line out jack with an external amp there could be problems wiht the internal amp, particuarly if the buzz comes from both speakers.

    Unlikely to be something physically loose.
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    Oh i think i was using an amplifier actually i plugged in the soundstation logic 3speaker set here's a picture: http://www.ponuda.com/images/258/logic3_soundstation3.jpg [Broken]

    The buzzing seemed to only be coming from the right laptop speaker, thanks for the information.
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    Yep. Sounds like you've got a blown speaker.

    - Warren
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    yes there could be something loose inside or a broken speaker but have you tried a simple driver update or tried reinstalling the software which controls the laptops sound reproduction. Its amazing what a dodgy driver or piece of software can do.
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    If you get good sound thru the output jack then the drivers are ok.
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