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C programming language

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    my friend i fail to perform this simple task can you please direct me how to approach a simple question like this
    the quetion said "a registrar set up the curriculum for the term . One course may have up to 10 subject . Students must select a minimum of 6 subjects from a particular course .Once a student registers for the term , the billing system is notified so that the student may be billed .Student may use the system to add or drop subjects for the period of time of registration.\
    write a C program that will check the number of subject s the student has chosen for a course .This program will run after the student has updated the subject selection. If the number of subject is less than 6 then an appropriate message should be displayed on the screen . The program should include a function that will count the number of subjects.
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    you start from something that compiles:
    Code (Text):
    int main (void) {
      return 0;
    and then add code as necessary.
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