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Cable and Pulley Routing help needed for Fitness Machine

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    I am trying to put together a fitness machine that used up to fifteen pulleys. Is there anybody here that is an expert in this feild or knows someone who is? I am willing to pay a reasonable consulting fee if they can help solve my problem.

    Thank you,

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    What kind of expert are you looking for???

    If this is checking the theory behind the cable and pulleys, it should possible to help.

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    Well I am ok with the concepts but not good at the exact cause and effect of cable and pulley mechanical advantage. I have a problem where one area of this fitness device needs half the travel of another area. Ideally the area with the desired half travel would have a mechanical advantage so that its for example 1/2 pound would be equal in resistance to 1 pound at the end of the front cable where the weight plates are.

    So "B" needs to go half the distance as "A"

    1/2 a pound at X needs to equal 1 pound at Y

    The pulleys you see can be arranged in any way or more pulleys/cables added. Please help!


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    Hi there,

    From your diagram, I can't see if the cables in A are attached directly to the weight stack, or if you want to hook them to a pulley. The result will be different in the two cases scenarios.
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