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Caculate air flow using tank pressure

  1. Dec 29, 2014 #1
    Dear all !
    I am an engineer from Vietnam! I just started to work 4 months ago. Now I got assignments with compressed air system!
    The compressor is not mentioned here!
    We have an air vessel of 500 Liters, and pressure is 7 bar. Before air vessel is an air booster with inlet pressure of 6 bar. The in let pipe to the booster is DN 25. The outlet pipe from air vessel is DN 50.
    After starting the booster, the air vessel will be full within 15s ( Booster is 2000L/min). then I open the valve DN50 from tank, the pressure drop so fast and the booster working continuously. I know that the booster is not enough flow for using. Now I want to install one more booster, but I want to know how much flow through the DN50???
    I using PV=nRT but can not help. Pls help me to solve out this problem. Thanks in advance!
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    Booster is 2000 L/min at std. conditions? That needs to be adjusted to 6 bar.

    You open DN50 to where? Atmosphere? What's the back pressure?
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    According to the diagram. The booster had the range of inlet from 2 bar to 5 bar, the outlet will be douple. But now they put 6 bar to the inlet of booster, and outlet to air vessel is 7 bar. The maximun flow is 2000L/min.
    The valve DN 50 is opened to atmosphere because it still not connect to anything, also no pressure gauge.
    So can we caculate the flow of dn50 valve?
    Thanks so much Rollingstein!
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