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Calc III and Physics II online, over the summer?

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    I'm starting to think about next semester's schedule, and it looks if I won't be able to take Physics II b/c I retook calc I (had AP credit but didn't use it). Calc II is a Pre-req for Physics II.

    I really want to be a physics minor, or even double major. If I took Physics II over the summer, I could easily be in line for both an engineering major and a physics major.

    How bad of an idea is it to take Physics II online over the summer? I live about 2 hours away from my university, and my local community college is horrible, so I see this as the only option. What about Calc III? If I do take both, should I take 1 for each semester or take both at the same time? (Summer term is divided into 2 semesters.)
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    Physics 2 online over the summer sounds like a form of torture banned by the Geneva Convention to me. Physics 2 was hard enough for me in person spread out over an entire fall semester.

    I also wonder if you'll be missing out on valuable lab experience (assuming there is no lab in an online class.)

    For example, setting up a Thomson Tube e/m experiment in by intermediate lab physics class required a little knowledge of circuits. For example, knowing how to use an ammeter, knowing it needs to be in series, and other such things.

    It's useful to get that experience in Physics 2.
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    Calc III is the easier of the 3, and Physics II is E&M I am assuming in your case. If you like playing around with batteries and electricity, then it shouldn't be difficult but fun. How would you do the lab though, since that is the most important part?
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    Physics II is the E&M I course. I believe that my we purchase a lab kit and do the labs ourselves.

    I think I do want to get the in-class experience of Physics though, and will probably do Calc III online...especially since it's the easiest to get help from other people (such as this forum), and most of my friends will have already taken it.
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