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Calc Physics vs Algebra Physics

  1. Mar 25, 2016 #1
    Does taking calculus based physics make it fun and more understandable, compared to algebra based physics? It seems like the algebra-based physics you don't go in-depth.
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    Sure. I think that goes for anything.

    If you enjoy learning, the deeper and more involved you get, the more enjoyable and rewarding things become.
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    What about people taking algebra bases physics. Do they know the concept of the material?
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    An algebra-based physics course typically covers a wider array of topics, but as you wrote, in less depth. Maybe you could look at the extra topics covered in your school's algebra-based course. If you decide they are something you would want to study, then you may want to go the algebra-based route.

    If you're a college student, your major probably dictates which course you need to satisfy that major's requirements.

    I think that depends more on the individual person than on the actual material being studied.
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    The distinction tends to depend on how the school distinguishes the courses. I'd recommend reading the course descriptions in the catalog and even getting syllabi for comparison.
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