Calculate Debye Temperature for Carbon 13

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Homework Statement

Carbon 12 has a debye temperature of 2230 K, what is the debye temperature of carbon 13?

No data on Debye frequency is provided.

Homework Equations

This is the problem, the only equations I can find relate the Debye Frequency to the Debye Temperature.

[tex]\theta_{D} = \frac{\hbar\nu}{k_{B}}\left(\frac{6\pi^{2}N}{N}\right)^{\frac{1}{3}}[/tex]

The Attempt at a Solution

Basically, I can calculate the debye frquency for C-12 from the debye temp. However I don't know if the debye frequency is the same for C-12 as C-13. So gents, is it?


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Hmmm... Well I'd say since the frequency is typically harmonic, you have...

[tex]\omega = \sqrt{k/m}[/tex]

So the Debye temperature you showed is proportional to m^(-1/2). And you can lookup the mass of carbon-13.

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