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Calculate Efficiency with MPG and other things

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    My engine has a data plate stating it uses x amount of fuel to make x amount of power at x RPM. I can use that to derive the efficiency but then all other calculations I use, such as finding the HP at a given load using the fuel amount I get with MPG at a given speed, are all derived from that ONE efficiency. I know that is completely wrong but I have no other way to do it given the needed variables.

    My question is, is it possible to derive an efficiency % using just RPM/MPH/MPG/BTU content...? I have a general idea of the truck weight (6500lb) but the more I think about it the more I think all you would need is BTU/MPG/and maybe speed. It seems energy used (in BTU content x gallons burned) to go a certain distance would tell you work done. But I have no clue. What do you guys think?
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    This is very difficult. The engine efficiency and power depend on throttle position, so they can vary even at constant rpm. Putting the truck on a dyno and creating a performance map is the only way I can think of to do this.
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