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Calculating Cooling Capacity of Next Gen Heat Exchangers

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    I have been looking into a number of things related to Reaction Engine's Sabre Engine Program for their Skylon hypersonic aircraft. I find the program absolutely fascinating as the technological development looks like it is on track to revolutionize air and space flight in the coming decades.

    To my specific question, is there an equation that can be used to calculate the amount of air that its heat exchanger can cool while in operation? (http://www.reactionengines.co.uk/heatex_rel.html [Broken] ) I am assuming there is a general equation out there that would work best with some estimates, but I am having trouble locating it.

    On a side note are there any other companies that are succesfully pursuing similar technology that anyone knows of? It looks like many other projects had been canceled in the last 10-15 years, but I am assuming that others must be looking to follow quickly.

    Thank you
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    All the equations are already here:
    Or you could try the book of cengel and turner on thermal-fluid sciences.

    It functions the same way as any other heat exchanger, but making this is indeed a challenge. This must be extremely difficult and expensive to make... the real wizards are the people at brite precision, the reaction engines group that manufactures this stuff..
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