Calculating displacement on a v-t graph?

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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

Im trying to get the displacement of a position on the graph with the following

point 1: (600, -75)
point 2: (720, -140)

Now usually I use BxH/2, because it's a triangle, but I can't really get it for this. The answer shows 21 800. I've tried everything in my power and can not get 21800. Any suggestions????

What kind of graph is this? (position vs time, velocity vs time, ect)
What kind of graph is this? (position vs time, velocity vs time, ect)
Sorry for not including it, but its a velocity time graph.
find the area of the graph
o..hmm did not see ur whole post
the BxH/2 only works for right triangles
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