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Calculating energy change (rydberg?)

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    Ok, so here's the question:
    An electron in an atom is excited by heat. In the process electromagnetic radiation of wavelength 1x10^-7 is produced. Calculate the energy change.

    Do not get this at all in any way. I have to take an atomic physics module but I really really can't do any of it... ...HELP!
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    Hi wuddalooo, welcome to PF!

    You don't really need to know much about atoms to answer this question. Start from "electromagnetic radiation of wavelength 1x10^-7 is produced" (with proper units, which are missing here) and convert that to energy.
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    First off, this post should have been made in the homework help section. Secondly, there is a very simple equation that relates energy in joules (E) to wavelength (λ). Scan through those diligently taken notes of yours, try to find those two symbols, and get back to us when you've found it :rolleyes:.
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