Calculating Fluid Velocity in a Circular Duct

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Homework Statement

A fluid of density 867 kg/m3 flows through a circular duct of diameter 40.60 mm with a mass flow rate of 14.63 kg/s. The fluid velocity in m/s is?

Homework Equations

mass flow rate [kg/s] = density [kg/m3] x velocity [m/s] x area [m]

The Attempt at a Solution

14.63 = 867 x velocity [m/s] x pi(40.60/2000)^2

therefore: velocity = 13.03 m/s

Though from my notes:
Correct Answer: 1.190 m/s

Am I doing something wrong or is the answer from my notes just wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Answers and Replies

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I get the same answer as you.
14.63 kg/s / 867 kg/m^3 = 0.0168 m^3/s
Area = 0.0013 m^2
So flow rate = 0.0168 m^3/s / 0.0013 m^2 = 13 m/s
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Allright, thank you! Should be a mistake in the notes then.

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