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Calculating force nessary to compress spring

  1. Sep 6, 2009 #1
    The data for a ball and spring sensor is given below:
    mass of ball = 0.12kg
    spring constant = 30Nm-1
    distance to be compressed = 3.6cm

    Calculate the force nessary to compress spring by 3.6cm.
    The deceleration which the force in (the 1st question) would cause in a mass of 0.12kg.

    i seem to find this question quite tricky, mainly becasue im not sure of what equation to use!
    please me on this one!!
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    Doc Al

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    What does Hooke's law tell you about springs and Newton's 2nd law tell you about acceleration?
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    yay!!! i got it! thanks for your help much appreciated!
    and thats my homework done!
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