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Calculating force of Arbor Press

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    Hey all,
    So I was trying to calculate the output force of an arbor press given a specific input force.

    There is no gear reduction, the lever arm is 12" and the gear pitch diameter is 1.5"

    Basically I want to know how much force do I need to apply to the lever arm to produce 300lbs at the arbor head.

    I broke out my statics book and I dont see anything exactly like this so I am not sure if its a simple moment calculation.

    Any guidance is appreciated

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    Not exactly.

    Torque applied to shaft Ta = F-pull X 12 inches (assume best case 90-degrees force vector)
    Force output by gear teeth onto arbor ram = Fa = Ta/1.5 inch

    Less efficiencies.
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    Thanks for the reply, can you tell me what equation your solution refers to?

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    The variable names are abitrary. The solution is basic mechanics. You should do a free body diagram to get this.

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