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Calculating forces on a Moncoque chassis

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    Hi There,

    This is my first post but hopefully you can help me,

    Im a 2nd Year Motorsport Engineering student, Ive been set the task of doing a short presentation on how you calculate the forces acting on a car chassis, with some example calculations.

    My classmate and myself have backed ourselves into a corner slightly by choosing to do this on the Monocoque chassis, which I am majorly struggling with! Wishing we had chosen spaceframe now!

    Would be great if someone could point me in the direction, or maybe recommend a paper or technical report?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Ranger Mike

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    welcome Max
    nice to see some one interested in motor sports..i have brrn since 1966

    read page two on

    Race car suspension Class
    posted by Ranger Mike
    Jul29-09, 02:31 PM
    go to Search link above

    give you an example of loads during cornering..now as far as chassis strength
    relative to roll over and crash strength...a little reverse engineering would be in order
    i would consult the rule book of the sanctioning organization for minimum build spec for the car class, then calculate the components strength accordingly..I know Nascar spent a ton of money researching this exact point after Dale T boned the wall at Daytona..the specs may be way over engineered ..but you can bet your ....life..they are safe..
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    Thanks! I will give that thread a read
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