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Calculating impact force during landing of aircraft

  1. Dec 2, 2015 #1
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    I'm having my degree FYP with the title of 'water landing: conceptual design of float component of seaplane upon touchdown'.
    1. ) I need guideline for calculating impact force of the seaplane when it touchdown on the water surface.

    2. ) Regarding the landing time and landing distance. I'm using the projectile motion concept to carry out the calculation. I wonder my concept is correct or wrong?

    Thank in advance. :smile:
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    I would think that you would want a pontoon strong enough to flip the plane before breaking off.
    So, I would assume that the pontoon hit a wave while the plane was flying horizontally, configured for landing, and at its recommended landing approach speed.

    I would get the flight manuals for several planes (both land and sea planes) and look at how the pilots are instructed to handle them during landings. Those flight manuals will also provide information about the center of gravity limits.
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