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Homework Help: Calculating limits with trigonomerty

  1. Feb 15, 2012 #1
    i am very confused about these problems, my teacher is hard to understand.

    a)lim x^2+x+2/x^2-5x+6

    b)lim (1/x)-1/x^2-1

    c)lim x^2+2x-6/x^2+3x-2

    d)lim x^2tanx

    e)lim x^2sec^2xcot^2x

    f)lim x^2sin(1/x)

    g)lim x^2/sin^2x

    h)lim tanx/x^2

    possible solutions:

    a) DNE
    b) 1/2
    c) 1/4

    for the rest dealing with trigonometry I have no idea how to calculate. Can you guys help me I have a mid-term coming up and I am very nervous
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    Hello Tebow15. Welcome to PF !

    I see you're new here. According to the rules for posting in this Forum, you should post no more than two problems in any one thread.

    You also need to show some effort at a solution or at understanding the problem before we can help.

    What have you tried?

    Where are you stuck ?

    What do you know about taking limits ?
  4. Feb 15, 2012 #3
    You should try try factoring these.
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