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Calculating Shear Force and Bending Moment

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    hi all

    Basically I need to find the shear force and bending moment of a beam using octave. The length of the beam as well as forces and their distances are given. However the SF and BM must be calculated at every o.ooo5m. The forces can be Point Loads or Uniform Distributed Loads and there can be many forces of each type.

    The data is given in a matrix eg:[ 2000N 5m] or [2000N/m 5m 10m].

    This is what I have so far but it does not seem to be working out:

    Positions = 0:0.0005:BeamLength

    %Shear force from support reaction
    ReactionShearForce = -ReactionForce

    %shear force from PointLoads
    for y = 1:1:length(Positions)
    x = Position(1,y)
    if x > PointLoads(:,2)
    PointLoadsSection = PointLoads(PointLoads(:,2)>x,1)
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    Do you know how to do shear force and bending moment diagrams for simple loading cases and by hand calculation ?
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    Yes I do but the problem I am facing is that the code has to be written where there can be any number of Point Loads and/or Distributed Loads and im not sure how to translate it into code.
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    Forget the actual coding pro tem .

    Start by preparing a flow chart for the calculation and decision making processes involved .

    If you don't know about flow charts have a quick look here Flow Chart Tutorial .
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    Is this a homework problem ?

    The 0,0005 metre length increment as given in problem statement is ridiculously small to use for calculations on a beam several metres long . Has there been a typing error somewhere ?

    Please come back if you need help with the flow chart .
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