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    Structures: Bending moments

    I have a quesrion about forming the eqaution of moment equilibrium. As shown in the picture at cut 1 there are 2 vertical forces and a bending moment. I expect V=A. If I apply moment equilibrium about the point where the bending moment is, we get that Ay*x = M(1). But how about if I take moment...
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    How can I calculate the bending moment of a pin in double shear?

    I have attached an Excel-worksheet in which the problem should be clearified. The problem concerns the calculation of the bending moment acting in a pin in double shear, experiencing a certain load from a hydraulic cylinder. The plate thicknesses should be taken into account. Specifications and...
  3. W

    Deformation under eccentric shear stress

    Hi, Starting with an example to clarify what I am looking for. Assume an extension force applied on a distance from the centroid/neutral axis of a body: see attached, please. As result, bending force besides the tensile force will be generated in that body as presented in section A-A in the...
  4. R

    Combined loading problem and failure

    Homework Statement The problem asks to find out whether the rod yields at points in section A according to the tresca and von mises criteria P is 120N Homework Equations Shear stress= VQ/It Stress= Mx/I shear stress= Tp/J The Attempt at a Solution I picked 2 points at section A. The...
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    How do you find a curve pipe bending moment and shear force?

    1. Homework Statement I have problem solving the bending moment and shear force of a conduit with a curve end. The conduit is lifted in the mid-air with 2 slings and assume it is in equillibrum. I have attach a drawing for reference. Homework Equations What i know, there is a UDL somewhere...
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    Applying Bending Stress to a Model of Ship Section

    Good Afternoon. My name is Dimas M. Rachman, i am an undergraduate student majoring in Ocean Engineering/Naval Architecture. I am currently working on my final project. I need to model the effect of bending stress "inside" a plate of ship's deck with Ansys Workbench. Here is a review about...
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    Forces on an L - Bracket

    I am installing an L-shaped bracket into a brickwork chimney to support some large pipework. I am trying to work out the forces in each fixing to ensure that I wont be pulling the bracket off the wall once the pipes are filled with water. I've tried drawing the free body diagram and to resolve...
  8. Atom

    Determine the highest tension stress and the highest compression stress

    Homework Statement Determine the highest tension stress and the highest compression stress along the top edge of the intel. Homework Equations stressx = Mx*y / Ix Ztop = Ix / ytop stress (max top) = Mx - Ztop The Attempt at a Solution
  9. W

    Simple bending moment calculation

    Hi, Really need some help with figuring out the max bending moment in the diagram shown below (I'm aware this is extremely simple but time and stress appear to have the better of me, so any help is appreciated) I think I've worked out the reactions at each support by doing m=wL as the...
  10. zaakir

    Calculating Shear Force and Bending Moment

    hi all Basically I need to find the shear force and bending moment of a beam using octave. The length of the beam as well as forces and their distances are given. However the SF and BM must be calculated at every o.ooo5m. The forces can be Point Loads or Uniform Distributed Loads and there can...
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    Producing a shearing force diagram and bending moment curve

    Homework Statement A box shaped vessel, of ##4## compartments and ##80m## lenght, light displacement of ##800## tonnes loads ##200## tonnes in the first compartment and ##200## tonnes in the last compartment. Produce the shearing force diagram and bending moment curve. Homework Equations 3...
  12. gacb17424

    Find reactions at supports and bending/shear/axial diagrams

    Homework Statement Force by uniform loading = 20(5) = 100kN Vertical component of the uniform loading = 20(5)(3/5) = 60kN Horizontal component of the loading = 20(5)(4/5) = 80kN vertical reaction at roller support = Vr vertical reaction at pin support = Vp Homework Equations Fx=0, Fy=0...
  13. E

    Shear forces on dam

    Im struggeling with understanding this task. Yeah I'm an amateur.. My English is not that good as well. My main problem is understanding where the share forces act on this dam, if its through the centre of pressure, or if its at the bottom of the dam. Now I have calculated the share forces...
  14. Daumantas

    Bending moment of countinuous tapered beam

    Hello, I cant find the formula for bending moment calculation of continuous tapered beam. the cross section is I (H) form, where web is 179.5 cm flange is 67 cm, web thickness is 1.5 cm and flange thickness is 2.5 cm. And this beam changes its height to 89.7 cm all other dimensions is the same...
  15. P

    Bending moment and Shear Force

    Do bending moment and shear forces are dependable on a beam's cross sectional area?
  16. S

    Multiple distributed loads on a beam

    Hi all, my professor has hinted at proposing a question of this sort to us for a shear and bending moment diagram. Now while I am comfortable with having [either] a uniformly distributed load or a varying one, I'm not sure how to deal with both. I can't seem to find anything in my text book to...
  17. D

    Tension on bolts in anchor plate on concrete wall

    Hi. I need help calculated the tension on bolts in an anchor plate. The plate is bolted to a concrete wall with four bolts (see the included image). A bending moment acts on the plate, offset a bit up/down. The bending moment acts from up to down so that the upper two bolts are in tension and...
  18. hdp12

    Internal Force Diagram for Rigid Body and Distributed Load

    I'm working on a homework problem for Statics and I'm stuck. Could someone please help? Problem: Draw the internal force (N,V,M) diagrams and include all significant figures Here is all of my work: Resulting F from W1: W(x) = W1 ∴ F2=∫02b W1dx eq (1) ⇒ F2 = W1⋅2b x1 = (F1)-1 ∫02b W1dx...
  19. N

    Bending moment and shear force for screw

    Can someone help me with determining the free body force diagram, and hopefully I can go on from there. Homework Equations M = F.d I found T = 500N The answers are shear force = -62.5N , Moment = 64.4 Nm , Tension = 500N
  20. Tim Allen

    Help with designing horizontal framework for UDL

    Hi, For my engineering project for college I am designing a rotating table/steel frame structure for supporting a mild steel panel which weighs 180kg. My previous experience with UDL's has only been in using a 2D beam like situation to calculate how the load is spread, bending of the beam and...
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    Stress analysis for a Bent Pipe

    I am a student currently working on a group project regarding the design of a gooseneck for a sub-sea pipeline. For those not familiar, a gooseneck is essentially a 45 degree bent pipe, to be used as a connection between a manifold and a longer pipeline (a flexible riser). part of this design is...