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Calculating temperature of electron beam

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    I was curious. Does anyone know of anywhere were I might be able to find a formula for calculating the temperature of an electron beam? I already know the frequency and energy levels (actually calculating for multiple energies, so I have a spreadsheet I'd like to plug the equation into).
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    Your question could apply to any of many electron beam applications. Here is one article pertaining development of a cool electron beam being developed to cool an antiproton beam at ~ 8.9 GeV. Can you be more specific?



    Bob S
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    Well, I'm trying to find the irradiance of synchrotron radiation emitted from an electron beam. The equation I have for irradiance requires the temperature of the radiation source. For example, the Sun is something like 5760 K, so I was looking for a way to calculate a similar temperature for the e-beam. I'm actually calculating it for multiple passes on a recirculating linac (a la CEBAF at JLab), so I needed a general formula with certain energy, current, wavelength, etc.
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