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Homework Help: Calculating the saturation magnetic moment (Condensed Matter)

  1. May 15, 2014 #1
    Show that the experimental data are consistent with a Lande g factor of 2 for each of the ions by calculating the saturation magnetic moment. Explain what this means for Cr.

    I've calculated J using Hunds rules and have the equation M = gμJn, where M is the saturation magnetic moment. BUT what do I use for n? i'm only given the number of electrons in a shell for each ion. Also would you think it wants me to determine g OR use a g value of 2 to determine M?

    any pointers REALLY appreciated on this, the exam is fast approaching.


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    it's okay, got it! the questions axis is M/Nu vs B/T, i can rearrange to find g

    edit no i cant because the gradient isnt given in the question

    edit dont need the gradient, the y axis is M/Nu therefor just read where it saturates and put equal to Jg

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