Saturation Definition and 13 Discussions

Oxygen saturation (symbol SO2) is a relative measure of the concentration of oxygen that is dissolved or carried in a given medium as a proportion of the maximal concentration that can be dissolved in that medium. It can be measured with a dissolved oxygen probe such as an oxygen sensor or an optode in liquid media, usually water. The standard unit of oxygen saturation is percent (%).
Oxygen saturation can be measured regionally and noninvasively. Arterial oxygen saturation (SaO2) is commonly measured using pulse oximetry. Tissue saturation at peripheral scale can be measured using NIRS. This technique can be applied on both muscle and brain.

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  1. B

    Saturated vapour pressure vapour quality and T-S diagram location

    Hi all., Just hoping to get a better fundamental insight into a few things. If we start with this: so we have a closed container at a given temperature, then we can find it's saturation pressure. All good so far. In the following...
  2. sneakycooky

    Chemistry What precipitates form by mixing 2 saturated solutions?

    At first I thought it was C. A few sources agree with me. The book says D is correct. Here was my reasoning for C: With both salts having a formula of MX3, their [OH-]'s can be compared according to their Ksp values. Tl(OH)3 has a smaller Ksp, so it has a smaller [OH-] at saturation than...
  3. F

    Saturation voltage for photoelectric current

    Hi, I was wondering about saturation current in the photoelectric effect. It is clear to me that for a sufficiently large accelerating potential all of the electrons are gathered by the collecting electrode. Since it is all of them, there cannot be more, and the current won't change if the...
  4. EddieP

    B Transformer core saturation- is this core saturating?

    Please excuse me if this is a very basic question, but I am just hoping someone can enlighten me on something. I am using the program FEMM to simulate a transformer. Unfortunately, I am unable to find data on the BH Curve of the material I’m using for the core, and I am worried that my...
  5. W

    Maximum value of gain if tranistor not to be saturated

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I don't know how to calculate part C) of the question. I'm unsure what saturation of a transistor refers too.
  6. Nader AbdlGhani

    Ketones Saturation

    Are ketones saturated ? for example , Acetone ( CH3COCH3 ) my question is aroused by a question in the General Secondary Education Certificate Chemistry exam here in Egypt , as the question there was : How many moles of hydrogen molecules are required to react with one mole of : 1) Acetone. 2)...
  7. K

    Limiting Output Voltage of the Opamp to avoid saturation

    Problem: my photo diode receives pulses of width 10ns-150ns and repeating at rate of 1Hz-50KHz the current from photo diode depending on incident light can go from 10nA-100mA, in a nutshell, my application tries to digitalize the analog pulses for pulse width measurement so i have 'only' two...
  8. H

    Magnetic saturartion in 2-D

    Dear all, I have a question about magnetic saturation and I can't find any sources addressing my questions. I am relatively familiar with magnetic saturation and that the relative permeability of highly saturated iron becomes rather small. There are numerous sources with figures showing...
  9. T

    Problem with core saturation

    Over the years I've learned a lot about TXs etc. But I'm a bit rusty. Any thoughts on general reminders about core saturation. I know there are huge issues, but the specifics I can't remember that well. I vaguely remember hearing something like when there is a DC component on a transformer the...
  10. U

    Laser saturation and gain

    Homework Statement [/B] (a) Why does input intensity affect gain? (b) Derive the expression (c) Find saturation intensity in terms of input intensity Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Part(a) Consider a narrow band radiation as an input, where its bandwidth is much smaller than...
  11. T

    Flux Direction effect on Saturation, Quick Question

    Hi, If you've got an arbitary magnetic Flux1 and Flux2, traveling in the same or opposite directions, through a core, it doesn't matter with regards to the point on the saturation curve does it? Opposing or in the same direction it'll still be at the same point on the mag curve won't it...
  12. T

    Designing Inductor, need you worry about saturation?

    Hi, I'm just wondering (theoretically), about calculating magnetic opperating point for an inductor. Say permetivitty mu is 'u', N turns, A area, l is length: Inductance L = u.N2.A / l Then do you need to worry about saturation? Or can you just wrap as many turns around it as you want for a...
  13. R

    Carrier flow in BJT when saturated

    I would like to know how carriers flow in a bipolar junction transistor when working in saturation mode. Normally, electrons would flow from the emitter to the base. Then, from the base, some recombine with holes nad leave, forming the base current, and the others (the majority) diffuse in the...