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Calculations for sun position follower

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    I'm making a sun follower with a pic, and I need the formulas to calculate the position of the sun, I need to calculate azimuth angle and zenith angle (Is that enough to know at any time the position of the sun???).

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    That's enough to know how to point to the Sun from a given location. You would likely also want to recognize when the Sun has disappeared below the horizon so you don't try to track it through the body of the Earth; Instead, reposition for re-acquisition at sunrise and sleep 'till then.

    How accurate a 'fix' are you looking for? Formulas with practical accuracies can be found in the book, "Astronomical Algorithms" by Jean Meeus.
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    The Zodiac of Date follows the sun around. The Right Ascension and Declination of the Sun can be estimated from the RA and DEC of that Zodiac.
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